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Proof that Samuel Turner bapt 1788 is our Samuel Turner

We declare that Samuel Turner bapt 1788, son of John Turner, is our family's Samuel Turner, for the following reasons:
  1. Our Samuel Turner married in Cambridge in 1808. He was a bricklayer, of King St, Cambridge.
  2. John Turner, bricklayer, of King St, Cambridge, with children baptised 1810 to 1816, must be a close relation (most likely brother) of our Samuel Turner, bricklayer, of King St, Cambridge.
  3. We have a DNA match of a descendant of John and a descendant of Samuel. The DNA match makes them more likely brothers than cousins.
  4. We have brothers John (bapt 1784) and Samuel (bapt 1788) sons of John Turner and wife Mary in Cambridge. These must be the brothers.
  5. John Turner and wife Mary also have dau Mary (bapt 1785). And "John Turner" and "Mary Turner" witnessed the marriage of our Samuel Turner. Must be his siblings.

There are too many links. And DNA says this is all our family.
Our Samuel must be Samuel bapt 1788, son of John and Mary, and brother of John bapt 1784.


John Turner.
He mar Mary ----.
Lived Cambridge.
They had issue:

  1. Frances Turner,
    bapt 24 Mar 1776, All Saints, Cambridge.

  2. Ann Turner,
    bapt 19 Dec 1779, All Saints, Cambridge.

  3. Mary Turner,
    bapt 17 Feb 1782, All Saints, Cambridge.
    Must have died young. There is another Mary.

  4. John Turner,
    bapt 1 Feb 1784, All Saints, Cambridge.
    He (or his father) might be John Turner who wit the mar of Samuel Turner 1808. He could write.

    He must be the same as:

    John Turner.
    See entry in tree by Sylvia Roberts.
    He mar pre-1810 to Elizabeth ----.
    He is listed as bricklayer, of King St, Cambridge, at children's bapts 1814 to 1816.
    John Turner, bricklayer, is listed at Park St, Cambridge, in Robson's Directory, 1839.
    John and Elizabeth had issue:

    1. John Turner,
      bapt 17 May 1810, Holy Trinity church, Cambridge.

    2. Harriett Turner,
      bapt 19 July 1812, Holy Trinity church, Cambridge.

    3. Jane Turner,
      bapt 18 Sept 1814, Holy Trinity church, Cambridge.
      She mar 1835 to William Henry Elborne and had issue.
      They mar at All Saints, Cambridge.

    4. Eliza Turner,
      bapt 4 Aug 1816, Holy Trinity church, Cambridge.

  5. Mary Turner,
    bapt 9 Sept 1785, All Saints, Cambridge.
    She (or her mother) might be Mary Turner, illiterate, who wit the mar of Samuel Turner 1808.

  6. Samuel Turner,
    bapt 20 Jan 1788, All Saints, Cambridge.
    Married in Cambridge in 1808.
    He was a bricklayer, of King St, Cambridge.

  7. James Turner, bapt 7 Nov 1790, All Saints, Cambridge.
  8. Richard Turner, bapt 19 Oct 1794, All Saints, Cambridge.


All Saints' Church, Cambridge.
Where Samuel Turner was baptised in 1788.
The street on the LHS is Manor St, going down to King St where the Turners lived.
Jesus College is on the RHS.
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