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Villiers monument at Westminster Abbey

Monument to Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham, and her 1st husband Sir George Villiers (died 1606).
St. Nicholas' chapel, Westminster Abbey.
Mary had the monument made in 1631, and was buried there 1632.
Includes effigy of Sir George Villiers, though he is not buried there.

360 degree view of Villiers monument, St.Nicholas' chapel, Westminster Abbey.
Click to rotate. From here.
The Cecil tomb is behind it at the wall.

Location of Villiers monument in St. Nicholas' chapel.
From map in [Brayley, vol.2, 1823].
It is in the centre of the chapel, marked "i".
The Cecil tomb ("e") is behind it at the wall.

Villiers monument, Westminster Abbey.
From pp.172-173 of [Brayley, vol.2, 1823].
See translation.

Villiers monument, Westminster Abbey.
From pp.193-194 of [Nichols, 1800].
Incorrectly says St. Edmund's chapel.

Villiers monument, Westminster Abbey.
Posted here by Westminster Abbey.

Villiers monument, Westminster Abbey.

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