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Tomb of Alexander de Villiers (died 1245).
As surviving in 1795 in Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire.
Plate between p.254 and p.255 (Melton Mowbray section) in [Nichols, 1795].
Note tomb is in Nottinghamshire, not Leicestershire, the subject of the series.


Alexander de Villiers,
of Rigsby, Lincolnshire,
and of Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire,
mar Ceciley Seis [or Ciceley, dau of William Seis, of Donington super le Heath, Leicestershire],
through her he inherited Brooksby, Leicestershire,
died 1245, bur Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire,
had issue:

Sir Richard de Villiers, Knt.,
of Rigsby, Lincolnshire,
and of Brooksby,
listed at Brooksby in 1254,
had issue:

Sir John de Villiers,
of Brooksby,
had issue:

Sir John de Villiers,
of Brooksby,
had issue:

Geoffrey Villiers,
succ to Brooksby in 1347 (20 Edward III),
mar Alice ----,
had issue:

Sir John de Villiers,
of Brooksby,
mar 1stly to Joan Pakeman [dau of Simon Pakeman of Kirkby, Lincolnshire, son of Robert Pakeman],
had issue by 1st wife:

Richard de Villiers,
of Brooksby,
mar Elizabeth ----,
died June 1391 or June 1392,
died on "the Sunday next before the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist" (24 June) in the year 15 Richard II (22 June 1391 - 21 June 1392),
had issue:

John Villiers,
of Brooksby,
born c.Jan 1380 or c.Jan 1381 (age 11 and a half at father's death),
mar Joan Meering [dau of William Meering, Knt., or Mering, of Meering, Nottinghamshire],
died 25 Nov 1417,
said to have died on feast of St.Catherine (25 Nov) in 1417,
but also said to have died in 4 Henry V (Mar 1416 to Mar 1417),
had issue:

  1. William Villiers, Kt.,
    of Brooksby, Leicestershire,
    died 1480.

Inscription on monument to Sir William Villiers, 3rd Baronet (died 1712), the last of the male line of Brooksby, Leicestershire.
Photo 2019. See full size.


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