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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

Mullinahone police station

Mullinahone police station, Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary.

George Cashel was stationed in Co.Tipperary, S.R., from 1833 to 1858.
He was stationed at the old Mullinahone police station, Callan St, Mullinahone, in at least 1838 to 1844.
He left Mullinahone and was head of Lismalin police station, near Mullinahone, from at least 1846 to 1854.

The new Mullinahone police station, Killaghy St, Mullinahone, was built c.1849.
George Cashel returned to Mullinahone and was head of the new Mullinahone police station 1855 to 1858.

The Killaghy St station was a Garda station until around the 1950s.
Then a home.
Became derelict around 1992.
Now being restored as a home again.
See entry in NIAH.

The Irish Constabulary station on Killaghy St, Mullinahone.
Click to rotate.
From Google Street View.

The old Mullinahone police station (red cross) on Callan St, Mullinahone, on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern street view.

The new Mullinahone police station in Killaghy St, Mullinahone, on map of [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].

Map showing the police station (plot 5).
From J.F.X. O'Brien Papers.

The new Mullinahone police station (red cross) in Killaghy St, Mullinahone, on 1887 to 1913 map.

The RIC station, 1916.
See larger and full size.
Formerly here.

The RIC station.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.
See other shot and plaque.

The RIC station.
Photo 2013. See full size.

Interior stairwell as at 2013.
The old staircase is gone. A temporary staircase has been put in for the restoration work.
See full size.

Upstairs room, with hole in floor.
Photo 2013. See full size.

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