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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents

Beechpark, Templeogue, Co.Dublin

Home of W.T. Cosgrave 1919 to 1965.


Beechpark (formerly "Sabine Fields", later "Ros Mór"), Scholarstown Rd, Templeogue, Co.Dublin.
In Scholarstown townland, Rathfarnham par.
Early 19th century house.


Louisa Flanagan (wife of W.T. Cosgrave) and her sons Liam and Míceál, and unknown person, Beechpark.
See larger and full size.

Pre-1850s: "Sabine Fields"

The house was formerly called "Sabine Fields" or "Sabinefields".
John Thomas Moran is listed at "Sabine Fields" in 1836 (see below).
Moran family is still listed at "Sabine fields" in [Thom's, 1852].


"Sabinefields" on 1829 to 1842 map.

"John F. Moran" listed at "Sabine Fields" in Dublin Evening Post, 7 Jan 1836.
He is signing a petition to set up the new Reform Registry Association to encourage voter registration.
This should probably read "John T. Moran" (see below).

John Thomas Moran listed at "Sabine Fields" in Freemans Journal, August 12, 1836.

[Handcock, 1899] says Moran called it "Sabine fields" after a metal sculpture he owned representing the Rape of the Sabines.

John Thomas Moran listed at "Sabine fields", Templeogue, under RATHFARNHAM in [Pettigrew & Oulton, 1845].

Patrick J. Moran at Sabine fields, Scholarstown, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].
Leasing the house and 16 acres from Messrs. LaTouche and Co.

Richard Moran listed at "Sabine fields" under RATHFARNHAM in [Thom's, 1852].


1850s to 1919: "Beech Park"

The name of the house changed in the 1850s to "Beech Park" or "Beechpark".
"Thomas Croker" is listed at "Beech park", Templeogue, in [Post Office Directory, 1858].
Croker family is still listed at Beechpark in [Thom's, 1884].

"Mulhallen Gabbett" is listed at Beechpark in [Thom's, 1901].
See him listed there in 1901 census.

Henry Lloyd is listed at Beechpark in [Thom's, 1905].
See him listed there in 1911 census.
Henry Lloyd is still listed at Beechpark in [Thom's, 1919].


"Thomas Croker" is listed at "Beech park", Templeogue, under ROUNDTOWN in [Post Office Directory, 1858].

"Miss Croker" listed at "Beech park", Templeogue, under TERENURE in [Thom's, 1884].

"Beech Park" on 1887 to 1913 map.

"Henry Lloyd" listed at "Beech park", Templeogue, under TERENURE in [Thom's, 1914].


1919 on: The Cosgrave era

Beechpark was bought by Alderman Michael Flanagan in 1919 as a wedding present for his daughter Louisa.
Louisa Flanagan married in June 1919 to W.T. Cosgrave (soon to become Ireland's first Prime Minister).
Home of W.T. Cosgrave and his wife Louisa Flanagan from 1919.
During the War of Independence of 1919-21, W.T. Cosgrave was on the run and often stayed away from Beechpark. On one visit home he was caught and arrested.
During the Civil War of 1922-23, W.T. was head of the pro-Treaty side and lived elsewhere for periods.
Beechpark was burnt by the anti-Treaty side in the Civil War, on 13 Jan 1923. The Cosgraves were not in residence when it was attacked.
Re-built 1924.

W.T. died at Beechpark in 1965.
Beechpark was sold 1969 [ICA, 1992].
Now called "Ros Mór".


The burning of Beechpark, Jan 1923.
Freemans Journal, January 15, 1923.
W.T. notes that many of his letters and papers were burnt.
Flanagan photos and family history was probably burnt too.

Beechpark in Irish Independent, September 25, 1929.
See full size.

From [ICA, 1992].

Beechpark on modern satellite view.

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