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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents

Lawlor of Irishtown House, Clondalkin, Co.Dublin


Irishtown House, Co.Dublin, on 1887 to 1913 map.
This is now site of Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

It is thought that the Flanagans may be connected to Lawlor, possibly through Lamphier.
Though the following shows that Lawlor were in the same area as Flanagan from long before the connection with Lamphier:

The fact that Lawlor were in Greenhills, Tallaght, in the 18th century, would suggest that the Flanagans were connected to Lawlor rather than Lamphier, as does the following, which must pre-date the connection with Lamphier:

"William Flanagan" (this must be old William Flanagan) is appointed umpire to settle the distribution of the estate of the late Launcelot Lawlor, of Kilnamanagh, Tallaght par, Co.Dublin, farmer, among various people, including the house and lands at Tymon, Tallaght par, Co.Dublin, to John Lawlor, undated.

Assume this is John's father, and the settlement c.1840:

John Lawlor,
born est c.1810,
of Kilnamanagh, and Tymon, both in Tallaght par, Co.Dublin,
came c.1840 to Irishtown House, Irishtown townland, Palmerston (Palmerstown) parish, near Clondalkin, Co.Dublin,
mar Marianne Lamphier [born est c.1820],
Marianne died 24th Nov 1915, Sandymount, Co.Dublin, age est c.95 yrs,
bur Goldenbridge, Inchicore, Co.Dublin,
had issue:

John J. Lawlor,
John Joseph Lawlor,
of Irishtown House, Palmerstown, Co.Dublin,
born 1850, Co.Dublin,
bapt Palmerstown,
great friend of Alderman Michael Flanagan, they used go shooting and fishing in the W of Ireland,
mar 1882 to Elizabeth Purcell O'Neill [of Ardbrugh House, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, born 1862 or 1863, Co.Dublin],
she is written as "Poppie" and "Elizabeth Mary" on census,
Frank Flanagan knew their children,
"John J. Lawlor, J.P." was at funeral of John Flanagan 1894,
see entry in Irishtown, Palmerstown, in [Census, 1901], he is "gentleman farmer", main house has 9 rooms, and there are 21 out-offices and farm buildings,
see entry in Irishtown, Palmerstown, in [Census, 2 April 1911], he is listed as "magistrate and farmer", he is listed as a Justice of the Peace, main house has 12 rooms, and there are 29 out-offices and farm buildings,
he died 2nd Jan 1921, age 70 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Gladys Lawlor,
    Gladys Madelaine, born 1891, Co.Dublin,
    mar Nat Galway-Greer [Nathaniel, of Dunboyne, Co.Meath],
    he bred horses for the Dublin Horse Show.

  2. Dody Lawlor,
    Dodo, Dodie, Dorothy, born 1897, Co.Dublin,
    was at the Alderman's funeral 1931,
    lived Irishtown House, had farm there, kept horses, rode point-to-point,
    died unmarried.

  3. Doreen Lawlor,
    Dolores Doreen, born 1906, Co.Dublin,
    was at the Alderman's funeral 1931,
    mar Brendan Byrne and had issue:

    1. John Byrne,
      researched family tree.

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