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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents

Miscellaneous possibly related families

Carty of Charleville House, Templeogue

Liam Cosgrave said that "Mrs. McCarthy" of Charleville, Firhouse Road, Templeogue (near Tallaght) was meant to be a cousin of his mother.
This must be the Carty family below.
Charleville House is found in [Thom's] under different locations depending on the year.
It is found under Rathfarnham, Roundtown, Terenure and under Templeogue.

"James Reid" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1850].
"John Kellett" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1857].
Charleville House, with farm of 24 acres, is listed for sale in Freemans Journal, March 2, 1857 (see under "Auctions").
"James Reid" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1858].

Carty are listed at Charleville in [Thom's] from 1859 to 1887 or 1888.
"John Carty" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's] 1859 to 1882.
"Mrs. Carthy" of Charleville is listed in Irish Times, July 9, 1873, as a subscriber for the new church at Rathfarnham (as is William Flanagan junior).
(todo) Try death of John Carty, [GROI], Dublin South, 1st qr 1883, age 59 (born 1824), vol 2 p 683.
"William Carty" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's] 1883 to at least 1887.

"P.J. McCabe" is listed at Charleville in Freemans Journal, June 22, 1888 (see small ads under "Horses for sale").
"Mr. P.J. McCabe" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1889].
"Mrs. B. Baldwin" and "Charles C. Baldwin" are listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1894].
"Joseph G. Furlong" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1901].
"Mrs. Gibson" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1906].
"Doody, P. & O'Loughlin" are listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1910].
"P.Doody" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1919].
"Mrs. Doody" is listed at Charleville in [Thom's, 1945].
Charleville House survives today. It is now a school. See satellite view.

They might be the following:

Not relevant:

Charleville House on 1887 to 1913 map.

Charleville House.
See full size.
From South Dublin Libraries.

Michael Francis Doyle

Michael Francis Doyle thought he was a cousin.
[Frank Flanagan's memoirs] say he was: "A relation of mine".
Not related to Joe Doyle's family.
Could be related to these Doyles.

John J. Doyle,
born in Co.Wexford [according to Noreen Doyle],
mar Mary Hughes,
had issue:
  1. Michael Francis Doyle,
    born c.1880, Philadelphia, Irish-American,
    international lawyer, prominent Democrat, very wealthy,
    secretary to William Jennings Bryan, presumably when he was US Secretary of State 1913-15,
    represented Irish nationalists in America,
    helped get Eamon de Valera saved from execution in 1916 by presenting the evidence that De Valera was an American citizen,
    came from America to assist in the defence of Roger Casement in his trial for treason in 1916,
    he was also counsel in a libel case for Casement's friend Thomas St.John Gaffney,
    mar 1917 to Nancy O'Donoghue, no issue,
    American counsel for Irish Republican Movement, 1921,
    friend of George Bernard Shaw and John McCormack,
    candidate for Presidential Elector for Pennsylvania, 1928, 1932,
    devout Catholic, he was a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre,
    he left about £40,000 to repair the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem,
    see letter to TIME magazine, Apr 15, 1940, says he is then a practicing lawyer in Philadelphia,
    close friend of Franklin D. Roosevelt, US President 1933-45,
    adviser to Harry S. Truman, US President 1945-53, "Truman's right-hand man",
    NUI conferred Doctorate of Laws on him,
    Nancy fl 1951,
    he was part of an American syndicate that purchased Kenmare House, Killarney, Co.Kerry in 1957,
    he fl 1958.

The Trial of Roger Casement, 1916, painted by John Lavery.
Michael Francis Doyle is in the picture, but obscured.
Painting on long-term loan to the King's Inns.
See larger. From John McGuiggan.

Michael Francis Doyle is no.9 in the picture.

Michael Francis Doyle.
From Casement display at Kerry County Museum.
See larger and larger and full size.

Michael Francis Doyle at the trial of Roger Casement in 1916.
From a display at King's Inns. Thought to be from a photo in the Daily Telegraph, 19 July 1916.
See full size. See key.

Michael Francis Doyle and his wife Nancy, after audience with Pope Pius XII, Jan 1951.
See larger and full size.

Michael Francis Doyle with the new Pope John XXIII, 1958.

Lamphier and Lawlor

Frank Flanagan said that Lawlor of Irishtown House, Clondalkin, Co.Dublin, were relations.
But Dody Lawlor said they weren't. She said the Flanagans were gardeners to the Lamphiers and that is how the two families knew each other.

Dody Lawlor thought the Flanagans were gardeners to the Lamphiers when the Lamphiers lived at Drimnagh Castle, but in fact it was Bridget Cavanagh's family that lived at Drimnagh Castle.
John Byrne confirms there is no record of the Lamphiers living at Drimnagh Castle.
Lamphier lived at Ballyfermot Castle.

It also seems that the Flanagans knew the Lawlors from before they were connected with Lamphier.
Whether related or not, Liam Cosgrave says the families were always very good friends:

Joseph Lamphier,
NOT Lanphier, French,
Lieutenant, or Lieutenant Colonel,
mar Bridget Cavanagh [or Cavanaugh, or Mary Bridget Cavanagh, born 1788],
her family lived at Drimnagh Castle in 19th century,
Joe Webster says she was of Goldenbridge,
they lived Ballyfermot,
his military records [NA.UK] say he lived at the medieval Ballyfermot Castle,
BALLYFERMOT in [Lewis, 1837] says: "Ballyfermot Castle, an ancient building, is now the residence of Capt. Lamplin",
"Capt. S. Lanphier", Ballyfermot Castle, is one of the subscribers to [Lewis, 1837], this might be a relation of Joseph rather than himself,
Wikipedia says Joseph and Bridget lived in the 17th century Ballyfermot House beside the older Ballyfermot Castle,
Joseph was bur Goldenbridge cemetery, Inchicore, 7th Nov 1838,
family lived 142 James's St, Dublin, before c.1850,
Bridget bur Goldenbridge, 23rd Feb 1870, age 82 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Margaret Lamphier,
    bapt 23 November 1811 [St.James' RC church, James's St, Dublin].

  2. Bridget Lamphier,
    Bridget Ann, bapt 22 September 1816 [St.James' RC church, James's St, Dublin].

  3. William Lamphier.

  4. Marianne Lamphier [or Maryanne, or Mary Anne], born est c.1820,
    mar John Lawlor [born est c.1810] and had issue.

  5. Patrick Lamphier.

  6. Peter Lamphier, born 1827,
    bapt 20 Apr 1827 [Clondalkin RC par records],
    emigrated to Canada.

  7. Ellen Lamphier, mar --- Bradley.

  8. Joseph Lamphier, born Co.Dublin,
    meant to be born 12 Mar 1831, but must be 1830,
    bapt 12 Mar 1830 [Clondalkin RC par records],
    emigrated to Canada,
    great grandfather of:

    1. Joe Webster.

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