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My ancestors - Foley - Contents


Honora Foley was said to be Irish-speaking.
She is apparently listed as Honora "Fowloo" at marriage.
Foley in Irish is "Ó Foghlú".
"Fowloo" is an Anglicisation of "Foghlú".
"Fowloo" is found in a number of places as a variant of "Foley".
This supports the idea that Honora Foley was Irish-speaking.

Our family

See Discussion of whether Casey is mother of O'Mara or mother of Foley.
Assuming Casey is mother of Foley, we have:

---- Foley.
Miller, of Clogheen, S Co.Tipperary (SW of Clonmel).
"Miller" here means owner of woollen mills, meaning just a wool factory.
He mar Honor Casey.
He is supposed to have owned several woollen mills in Clonmel.
However no Foley is listed in CLOGHEEN or CLONMEL in [Pigot's directory, 1824].
And no Foley is listed in CLOGHEEN or CLONMEL in [Slater's directory, 1846].
Also his daughters marry in Limerick.
Maybe he was originally from Clogheen or Clonmel and went to Limerick.
He possibly sent his son-in-law James O'Mara (or O'Meara) to Limerick as his agent.
He had issue:

  1. Mary Foley,
    born 1814.
    Note it was previously thought that it was a sister of James O'Mara who married Lynch.
    But the Lynch baptisms clearly show the mother as "Mary Foley", i.e. a sister of James' wife.

    She mar 28 Apr 1836, St.John's, Limerick, to Andrew Lynch [born 1806] and had issue.

  2. Hanora Foley,
    or Honora,
    born 1822, or poss. 1818, Clogheen.
    Her children's bapts in [St.John's, Limerick] list her as (most frequently) Hanora, and also "Norry".
    Think "Mary" was a mis-reading.
    Her children's bapts in [St.Michael's, Limerick] list her as Hanora and Honora.
    [GROI] lists her as Hanora at Joe's birth 1864 and Honora at Nan's birth 1866.
    She is "Honora" on grave.
    Norrie Buxton remembered her as "Norrie Foley".
    She is the origin of the family name Norrie. See her granddaughter Honora O'Sullivan.
    NOT Margaret.
    She mar 2 Oct 1841 [St.John's, Limerick] to James O'Mara (formerly O'Meara) [born 1817] and had issue.

  3. (possibly another sister) Katie Foley.

Hanora Foley, must be c.1868.
From this picture.

The marriage of James O'Mara to Honora "Fowloo" (Foley) in 1841 in the register of St.John's, Limerick.
See full size.

Could be related:


Fr. Paddy O'Mara said that James O'Mara's mother was descended from the Grubb family. But it is more likely that it was his wife's family and they worked for the Grubbs rather than were related to them.

Samuel Grubb,
of Quaker family, born 1750,
his family were wealthy and prominent millers (think mainly corn millers) at Clogheen and Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.
Many Grubbs listed in CLOGHEEN and CLONMEL in [Pigot's directory, 1824],
and in CLOGHEEN and CLONMEL in [Slater's directory, 1846].

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