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My ancestors - Casey - Contents


Discussion of whether Casey is mother of O'Mara or mother of Foley

It is unclear if the Casey ancestor is mother of O'Mara or mother of Foley.

Casey as mother of Hanora Foley:

Casey as mother of James O'Mara:


Confusing extract from [PAT/1, p.5] about the link to Casey.
See full page.

When Mary O'Mara acted in the film Knocknagow (1918), she went under the pseudonym "Miss Peg Casey".
This was said to be the name of the mother of James O'Mara.


Casey as mother of Foley

Assuming Casey is mother of Foley, we start with:

--- Casey,
of Clogheen, Shanrahan par, S Co.Tipperary (SW of Clonmel, near Co.Waterford border, see 1887 to 1913 map and modern map).
[PAT/1, p.5] said Casey had a woollen mill in Clogheen: "In Clogheen .. just under the mountain pass that leads to Mount Mellary there is a woollen mill in ruins. This was known up to 1800 as Murray's Mill. It was willed to Margaret Casey of Clogheen about the year 1825 by her uncle. The story goes that somehow she never came into this legacy."

Pat is referring to "Manor Mill" on the SE road out of Clogheen, Co.Tipperary (see 1887 to 1913 map).
This was Murray's Mill, owned by Murray as at 1839 [O'Riordan, 2010].
Murray lived in nearby Glenleigh House to the SW (see 1887 to 1913 map).
Murray sold the mill to Fennell in 1847 [O'Riordan, 2010].
However there is no evidence that Pat is right that Casey or Foley were connected to it.

Clogheen was a centre for milling, and there are various ruined mills there today.
Casey was NOT of Clogheen, Kilronan par, N Co.Waterford (near Ballymacarbry, S of Clonmel, across the Waterford border, see 1887 to 1913 map and modern map).
He had issue:

  1. Honor Casey,
    mar ---- Foley [of Clogheen] and had issue.

Murray's Mill, Clogheen, Co.Tipperary


Manor Mill (Murray's Mill) on the road out of Clogheen, Co.Tipperary, heading in direction of Mount Melleray.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
Pat Lavelle thought this was connected to Casey or Foley.
Not much left today. See modern map.

Manor Mill (part of) and Lamberts' House, on Convent Road, Clogheen.
See full size.
From Ed O'Riordan at Used with permission.

Street view at same location today.

Could be related

Searching for Casey marrying Foley or O'Mara:

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