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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

de Stentzsch (or von Stenksch-Prittag)

See notes on spelling.


Lannach Castle, near Graz, Austria.
Photo 2008. See full size.

Baron Charles de Stentzsch,
or Baron Charles von Stenksch-Prittag.
He was in the Austrian army.
He mar 20th July 1850, Cathedral Church, Munich, Germany, to Margaret Gibbon [born 30th Apr 1818].
He is described as very ill in letter from Barbara Yates Gibbon 14th June 1864.
He died between 1864 and 1866.

The expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists presents to "Margaret de Stentzsch" at various dates up to 1893.
Margaret lived at Lannach Castle, near Graz, Austria.
She lived to see great-grandchildren.
There is a letter written by her from Lannach Castle to her then-unmarried niece Ruby Gibbon (later Hilligan), 13 Jan 1910.
Margaret dies, 1911:
She died Lannach Castle, Austria, Tue 3rd Jan 1911, age 92 yrs. See death notice.
Funeral Thur 5th Jan, bur Protestant cemetery (probably St.Peter's Protestant Cemetery, possibly Neu Hart Protestant Cemetery), Graz, Austria.
Baron Charles and Margaret had issue:

  1. Elizabeth de Stentzsch,
    Elizabeth Montgomery Magdalena Josepha Livingston de Stentzsch, born 18th Jan 1852,
    died 13th Mar 1853, age 1 yr, in Transylvania [then part of the Austrian Empire, now in Romania],
    bur Transylvania.

  2. Margaret de Stentzsch,
    think NOT Melani, born 17th Jan 1853,
    died 15th Oct 1853, age 9 months, in Transylvania,
    bur Transylvania with her sister.
    There is a reference to the need to make a lasting gravestone.
    Family only in Transylvania with the army, leaving soon, don't know when will be back.
    The Crimean War started Oct 1853, Austria neutral at this point, later sided with Britain.

  3. Rosalie de Stentzsch,
    Rosalie Augusta Georgina Caroline de Stentzsch,
    born Bochnia, Galicia [then in the Austrian Empire, now in SE Poland], 28th Nov 1855,
    mar August Konschegg [NOT Konshegg],
    he was in the Austrian army,
    he is listed as Lieutenant and then Captain,
    expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists presents to Rosalie and August at various dates up to 1905,
    [Margaret's death notice, 1911] describes him as a Colonel ("Oberst") in the reserve ("d.R.") of the main Austrian army (the "Imperial and Royal", "k.u.k."),
    they both fl 1911.

  4. Caroline de Stentzsch,
    Caroline Josephine Arthurine Augusta de Stentzsch, think NOT Carolina,
    her mother's letter 1910 refers to "my daughter Carola",
    though her uncle Arthur Augustus Gibbon refers to her as just "Josephine",
    born Bochnia, 13th Feb 1857,
    mar Baron F. von Wattenwyl,
    he must be of noble family of Wattenwyl,
    the spelling de Watteville is also given for the same noble family,
    expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists presents to "Josephine de Stentzsch" at various dates up to 1894,
    they both fl 1911,
    had issue:

    1. Magitta von Wattenwyl.
      Expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists "Pinafore for Margaret de Watteville" on 1st June 1880.
      If this is her, she must be born c.1878.
      Think they lived Bern, Switzerland.
      She must be the person referred to in her grandmother's letter of 13 Jan 1910 which says: "From [think Bern] we have good news - Margaret was confined on the 30th Dec [1909] of a fine healthy little boy. The other children are well and go daily to school.".

    2. Sonia von Wattenwyl.

    3. Baron Willy von Wattenwyl,
      he and his children listed in [Margaret's death notice, 1911], Margaret referred to as the great-grandmother,
      mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Yvonne von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.
      2. Gérard von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.
      3. Sigismund von Wattenwyl, born pre-1911.

  5. Baron Gregor de Stentzsch (son),
    listed as Gregor in [Margaret's death notice, 1911],
    other family records list him as Gergely, think NOT Gagary,
    born 20th July 1860,
    expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists presents to Gergely at various dates up to 1887,
    fl 1911.

August Konschegg.
Image courtesy of Mike Hilligan.


The spelling "Stentzsch":

The spelling "Stenksch-Prittag":

NOT "Stentysch".


Death notice of Margaret Gibbon, 1911


Death notice of Margaret Gibbon, 1911.
Printed in Gothic script.
See larger and full size.

August Konschegg, k.u.k. Oberst d.R., und Frau Rosalie Konschegg geb. Baronin von Stenksch-Prittag,
Baron von Wattenwyl und Baronin von Wattenwyl geb. Baronin von Stenksch-Prittag,
Gregor Baron von Stenksch-Prittag,
Baron und Baronin Willy von Wattenwyl und ihre kinder Yvonne, Gérard und Sigismund
geben hiemit tiefbetrübt Nachricht von dem Ableben ihrer innigstgeliebten Mutter, Schwiegermutter, Grossmutter und Urgrossmutter, der hochwohlgeborenen Frau
Baronin von Stenksch-Prittag geb. Margaret Livingston-Gibbon,
welche am 3. Januar 1911 nach kurzem Leiden in ihrem 93. Lebensjahre in Schloss Lannach bei Graz gottergeben entschlummerte.
Die teure Heimgegangene wird nach Graz zur Aufbahrung in der Leichenhalle des Evangelischen Friedhofes überführt, woselbst Donnerstag den 5. d. M. um 2 Uhr nachmittags die Einsegnung und hierauf die Bestattung im eigenen Grabe erfolgt.
Lannach, am 3. Januar 1911.

Transcription into normal script.

August Konschegg, k.u.k. Colonel d.R., and Mrs. Rosalie Konschegg, formerly Baroness von Stenksch-Prittag,
Baron von Wattenwyl and Baroness von Wattenwyl, formerly Baroness von Stenksch-Prittag,
Gregor, Baron von Stenksch-Prittag,
Baron and Baroness Willy von Wattenwyl and their children Yvonne, Gérard and Sigismund
hereby give deeply grieved notice of the death of their dearly beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother, the most noble lady
Baroness von Stenksch-Prittag, formerly Margaret Livingston Gibbon,
who on 3 January 1911 after a short illness at the age of 93 years, in Lannach Castle near Graz, passed away.
The dear departed will be taken to Graz to lie in the mortuary of the Protestant cemetery, where on Thursday the 5th of the month at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the benediction and afterwards the burial in her own vault will take place.
Lannach, 3 January 1911.

Translation into English.
See other translation.


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