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My wife's ancestors - Hay - Contents


Sir Thomas Hay, of Erroll, Perthshire,
mar (charter 1372) to Elizabeth Stuart [dau of Robert II, King of Scotland and descendant of Henry I]
and had issue:

Sir William Hay, had issue:

Gilbert Hay, had issue:

William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll,
mar Beatrice Douglas [descendant of Robert II, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
died 1462,
had issue:

  1. Isabel Hay,
    mar Laurence Oliphant and had issue.

The 1st Earl of Erroll was the ancestor of:

Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll,
Catholic rebel in 1580s and 1590s against both James VI, King of Scotland and Elizabeth I, yet escaped execution,
the seat of Hay, Earl of Erroll, was Old Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire, destroyed 1594,
he built the New Slains Castle nearby in 1597.

The 1st Earl of Erroll was also the ancestor (through female line) of:

Anne Livingston (and here),
mar 1724 to William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (also here and here),
he fought for the Jacobite rebels at the Battle of Culloden 1746, one son fought with him, and two sons fought for the government side(!),
he was captured at the battle and beheaded as a Jacobite 1746,
he was attainted, so his titles were not inherited,
see [DNB],
had issue:

  1. William Boyd, Lord Boyd, born Mar 1725,
    died before Feb 1728, age 2 yrs.

  2. James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll (also here and here), eldest surviving son,
    he was born James Boyd, Dec 1726,
    styled as Lord Boyd between 1728 (brother's death) and 1746 (father attainted),
    fought on the government side at Culloden 1746, he was in the 21st Regiment of Foot of the Royal Forces,
    mar 1stly, 1749, to Rebecca Lockhart,
    commanded a Company in America 1754, transferred to Arbin's Regiment of Foot 1755, retired from the Army 1758,
    changed his name to Hay when succ to Earldom of Erroll 1758,
    took up residence in Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire,
    Rebecca died 1761,
    mar 2ndly, 1762, to Isabella Carr [dau of Sir William Carr of Etal, Northumberland],
    Henry Noltie became his valet c.1768,
    Mary Hopper became her maid prob. 1770,
    he died July 1778, age 51 yrs,
    Isabella died 1808,
    had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. George Hay, 16th Earl of Erroll (and here), born 1767,
      succ as a child 1778,
      committed suicide on a point of honour 1798, age 31 yrs (NOT 1789).

    2. William Hay, 17th Earl of Erroll (see here and here), born Mar 1772, succ 1798,
      died Jan 1819, age 46 yrs.

  3. Captain Charles Boyd, twin, born 1728,
    Captain in Jacobite Life Guards,
    fought for the Jacobites in the Battle of Culloden 1746,
    after which he escaped to the Isle of Arran, and then to France, where he lived in exile for about 20 years until pardoned,
    he then returned to Scotland,
    died 1782, age 54 yrs.

  4. Captain William Boyd, second William, twin, born 1728,
    gained the rank of Midshipman in 1745 in Royal Navy,
    fought on the government side at Culloden 1746,
    gained the rank of Captain in 1760 in the 87th Foot,
    in 1761 transferred to 114th Regiment of Infantry,
    died 1780, age 52 yrs.

Hay, Marquess of Tweeddale, are "probably" related to Hay, Earl of Erroll, above.
Of this family:

John Hay, 2nd Marquess of Tweeddale, born 1645,
had issue:

  1. Lord John Hay, born c.1668,
    mar 1stly to Lady Elizabeth Dalzell [dau of James Dalzell, 3rd Earl of Carnwath, NOT Mary, NOT dau of 4th Earl],
    he was a Brigadier General under Marlborough in War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14),
    he commanded the famous regiment of dragoons, afterwards called the Scots Greys, he founded their reputation,
    he fought under Marlborough at the Battle of Schellenberg, Bavaria, 2 July 1704, and the Battle of Blenheim, Bavaria, 13 Aug 1704,
    mar 2ndly, 1705, to Elizabeth Orby, no issue,
    he fought under Marlborough at the Battle of Ramillies, Belgium, 23rd May 1706,
    he died of fever at Courtrai, West Flanders, NW Belgium, on French border, 25th Aug 1706 [Burkes Peerage], or 15 Aug [DNB], age c.38 yrs,
    this was during the Siege of Menin (or Menen), just W of Courtrai, West Flanders, of 1706,
    he did NOT die 1715,
    see his biography in [DNB],
    Elizabeth re-married, 1707, to one of his officers.

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