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St. Enda's school


The revolutionary Patrick Pearse set up the radical St. Enda's school in 1908.
The old (1908-10) St. Enda's was at Cullenswood House, Oakley Road, Ranelagh.
My grandfather Dick Humphreys (born 1896) went to St.Enda's from 1909 to 1912.
St. Enda's moved 1910 to The Hermitage, Rathfarnham.
See letter from Pearse to Dick's mother Nell in June 1912, as she considers taking Dick out of the school.
Dick was sent to Clongowes in Sept 1912, but ran away back to St.Enda's.
See letter Dick wrote to his mother from St.Enda's in Sept 1912.
See further letter from Pearse to Nell in Jan 1913.


Front gate of St. Enda's today.
Click to rotate.
From Google street view.

The Hermitage, Rathfarnham (later St. Enda's) on 1887 to 1913 map.

St. Enda's, The Hermitage, Rathfarnham.
Photo 2005 by Dave Addey. Public domain image from here.

St. Enda's.
Image courtesy of Cork Multitext Project, UCC (see here). Used with permission.




St. Enda's, Junior Hurling Team, Holders of Dublin Schools Cup, 1910-11. Photo 1911.
In back row is Dick ("R. MacAmhlaoibh"), age 15.
This is [P106/587(2)].
See larger and full size.

Same photo as above.
This is [P106/587(1)].
See larger and full size.

Dick, age 15, 1911. Detail from above.


Gaelic football


St. Enda's, Junior Football Team, Holders of Dublin Schools Cup, 1910-11. Photo 1911.
In back row is Dick ("R. MacAmhlaoibh"), age 15.
Note the legend has 7 in back row, 6 in middle, 2 at front.
See full size.

Dick, age 15, 1911. Detail from above.

Letter from Patrick Pearse to Nell Humphreys, June 1912

Letter from Patrick Pearse to Nell Humphreys about her son Dick, as she considers taking him out of St.Enda's.

St. Enda's College,

30th June 1912.

Dear Mrs. Humphreys,

I am enclosing report on Dick and also a/c for sundries incurred since last a/c. I should be very grateful for cheque as I am anxious to square our own traders' bills and wind up the year's work generally before going away for a short holiday.

I hope we may count on welcoming Dick back to St. Enda's in September? His last word to me was not to fail to write to you on this point. We have threshed out the matter at length before, so there is no use in bothering you with further arguments, but I do most sincerely hope that you have decided to leave him with us until he has completed his secondary course and is ready for the University.

Sincerely yours

P.H. Pearse

See full size.

See full size.


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