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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

Charles Kickham, of Islands


Charles Kickham of Islands is probably identical to Charles Kickham of Kilvemnon

Below we reconstruct the family of Charles Kickham, of Islands (Lismalin par, NW of Mullinahone).
There are two possibilities for his identity:

DNA suggests it is Charles Kickham of Kilvemnon:

He must be the same as:

He must be the same as:

The above is probably identical with:



Islands, Lismalin par, NW of Mullinahone.

Islands on 1829 to 1842 map.

The full entry for Islands in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850, pp.118-119].
Charles Kickham is listed at plot 1c, which is a house with a small garden.
He lives at the joint worst house in the townland.

The map linked to [Griffiths Valuation].
It is clear that plot 1 on the map matches plot 1 in the text.

This would be Charles Kickham's house, at plot 1c, on the roadside at the bend in the road, near the river.

Modern satellite view. From here.

Street view shows the buildings at the bend in the road are now vanished.


Thomas Kickham of Pennsylvania

The Cawley tree by "kpc67231" identifies Thomas Kickham (bapt 3 Mar 1837) with the following Thomas Kickham of Pennsylvania. See 2014 post.
But there are problems with this:

Conclusion: Thomas Kickham of Pennsylvania is probably from a different family.


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