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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

Charles Kickham

Signature of Charles Kickham.
On memorial of [Deed of 1796].

Charles Kickham,
born 1752, Protestant.
The Fenian apparently described his grandfather in a riddle as: "a grandsire who worked not in gold".

He mar, would be pre-1796, to Mary Clancey [Catholic, spelt Clancey on her husband's gravestone].
She was of Killusty, Kiltinan par, SE of Fethard, Co.Tipperary (some distance from Mullinahone, see map).
Children were Catholic (two of them Catholic priests).

Charles is described as blacksmith, of Mullinahone, in [Deed, 1796]. This records a lease to him of land and houses in Mullinahone village from John Nicholson Constable of Kilkenny city (NOT John Nicholas Constable).
He became a shopkeeper in Mullinahone. His shop was on The Square in Mullinahone.
He is described as shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, in [Deed, 1810]. This shows him purchasing freehold of his own premises (land at Mullinahone) from John Rose Bradshaw of Mullinahone.
He is described as shopkeeper, of Mullinahone, in [Deed, 1812]. This is lease by him of lands at Clonagoose, E of Mullinahone, from Francis Oldis of Mullinahone.
He is described as "Charles Kickham of Mullinahone, gent" in [Deed, May 1815]. This shows him settling £537 debts owed to him by local landlord, Robert Constable of Mullinahone. He must have been quite a prosperous shopkeeper to tolerate giving such credit. Constable settled by granting him and his heirs a yearly payment of £52 out of rents from property in Mullinahone village until the debt is discharged.

Charles dies, 1815:
He died 30 Dec 1815, age 63 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon].
Mary erected her husband's gravestone in Kilvemnon.

Mary is described in [Clonagoose Deed, 1817] as living Mullinahone, widow of the late Charles Kickham, shopkeeper. The deed is renewal by her of lease of land at Clonagoose from Francis Oldis, of Mountrafalgar, Co.Kilkenny. Land is 52 acres.
The 1817 deed is signed "Mary Kickham her mark (seal)", which might indicate she was illiterate, though husband clearly was not.
Charles and Mary had issue:

  1. Edward Kickham,
    listed as 1st son in [Deed, 1812],
    born est c.1790,
    would be Catholic,
    probably identical with Edward Kickham below,
    he must be Edward Kickham, of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, who wit [Deed, 1815],
    he is listed (along with other sons) in [Clonagoose Deed, 1817],
    "Edward Kickham" sp baptism of his nephew Thomas Kickham in 1838.

  2. Laurence Kickham, of Mullinahone,
    listed as 2nd son in [Deed, 1812].
    He must be Laurence Kickham, of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, who wit [Deed, 1815].
    [Clonagoose Deed, 1817] organises a settlement for the other 6 sons but not for him.
    However, [Clonagoose Deed, 1817] is wit by Lawrence Kickham of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, which must be him.
    And he must be Laurence Kickham of Mullinahone, shopkeeper, who in a separate settlement, [Mullinahone Deed, 1817], leases land at Mullinahone village from Thomas Despard of Portarlington, Co.Laois. Deed witnessed by James Kickham, farmer, Mullinahone.
    Note that [Mullinahone Deed, 1817] setting up Laurence is sworn and registered on exactly the same day as the [Clonagoose Deed, 1817] setting up the other 6 sons.
    [Mullinahone Deed, 1817] is about a property in Mullinahone town, bounded on the S by an unnamed street, and bounded on E and W by houses, i.e. it is not the property on The Square.

  3. Fr. Charles Kickham,
    born Mullinahone, 1798,
    listed as 3rd son in [Deed, 1812],
    educ Maynooth, matric 30th Aug 1817 [Maynooth],
    ordained 1824,
    C.C. of Kilcommon, NC Co.Tipperary (see map) until 1832,
    C.C. of Cloneen, Co.Tipperary (now part of Drangan, SW of Mullinahone, see map) in 1840,
    C.C. of Clerihan, Co.Tipperary (Ballyclerihan, NW of Clonmel, see map) 1841-42,
    apparently NOT C.C. of Mullinahone,
    died 10 Aug 1842 [Larkin, 2005], age 44 yrs, apparently NOT 1844,
    bur Catholic church yard, Mullinahone.

  4. James Kickham, born 1800,
    listed as 4th son in [Deed, 1812],
    inherited the family business in The Square, Mullinahone.

  5. Thomas Kickham,
    Tom, born 1800,
    listed as 5th son in [Deed, 1812].

  6. Richard Kickham,
    listed as 6th son in [Deed, 1812],
    may be identical with Richard Kickham below.

  7. John Kickham, father of the Fenian,
    listed as 7th son in [Deed, 1812].

  8. Fr. Roger Kickham,
    apparently youngest son, born est c.1807.

  9. Ellen Kickham,
    bapt 25 Jan 1810 [Mullinahone RC par records], sp Alice Kickham.

    Possibly the same as:

    (dau) Kickham,
    mar --- Purcell [of Fortwilliam, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary]
    and had issue:

    1. Charles Purcell.
    2. Michael Purcell [Mick].

    and also it is thought [White, 1940]:

    1. Ellen Purcell, mar Thomas O'Brien [of Coolquill, Killenaule, Co.Tipperary].
    2. Annie Purcell, mar Patrick Cleary [of Thomastown, Co.Tipperary].
    3. Johanna Purcell, mar --- Green [of Thomastown, Co.Tipperary].

Grave of Charles Kickham (left), Kilvemnon.
This grave has been cleaned and re-mounted beside another Kickham grave (no proven relationship).
Photo 2008. See larger and full size. See close-up.
See street view.
See Kilvemnon on old map and modern street view.

Grave of Fr. Charles Kickham, Catholic church yard, Mullinahone.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.
See other shot and close-up.

Edward Kickham

Edward Kickham, son of Charles, above must be identical with our Edward Kickham, son of Charles.
Probably there were not two Charles Kickhams, fathers of Edward, in the Mullinahone area in the correct generation.

Our Kickhams were always said to be close relations of the Fenian's family.
Bee Sheahan (born 1876) stayed with Kickham cousins in Mullinahone as a child (would be 1880s).
She had a goat called Charles, after the Fenian (who died 1882).
It was said that: "Family didn't approve" (Of what? The Fenian? Or disrespect to the Fenian?)

Charles father of Edward above is probably same as:

Charles Kickham,
Edward's eldest son Charles Kickham was bapt in Mullinahone in 1812, sp "Charles the grandfather" (note Charles above died 1815),
if it was maternal grandfather they would say Charles Armstrong, so it must be Charles Kickham the paternal grandfather,
had issue:

  1. Edward Kickham,
    or Edmond Kickham,
    or Edward Francis Kickham,
    of Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary,
    born est c.1790,
    written as Edward Kickham or Edmond Kickham in par records,
    [Pat Lavelle] had him as Edward Francis, with grandson Edward Francis Cashel named after him.

Kickham tree from Pat Lavelle in [PAT/7, no.1] and [PAT/13, no.4].
She shows Edward as uncle of the Fenian, which seems very likely, but it would be nice to get independent proof.

Kickham tree in [PAT/13, no.2] shows the same relationship of our family to the Fenian.
Though she attaches Armstrong to the wrong generation. Armstrong is definitely Edward Kickham's wife.
Also note that in [PAT/13, no.1] and [PAT/12, p.18] she shows a different (and definitely incorrect) relationship of our family to the Fenian.


Richard Kickham

Richard Kickham above may be identical with the following.

Richard Kickham,
listed in possession of house at plot 64, Carrick St, Mullinahone 1858 to 1869,
he took over this property in 1858 from George Cashel,
he is linked to (perhaps father of):

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