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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents


Baptism of Mary Margaret Hurley, 4 Sept 1853.
Mother strongly looks like Kickham.

Baptism of Cornelius Hurley, 17 Jan 1855.
Mother looks like Kickham.

Baptism of James Hurley, 20 Apr 1857.
Mother illegible but could be Kickham.

John Hurley,
of Youghal, Co.Cork,
mar pre-1853 to Nanno Kickham [or Nano, probably born post-1815],
had issue:

  1. Mary Margaret Hurley,
    bapt 4 Sept 1853 [Youghal RC par records].
    See image from here.

  2. Cornelius Hurley,
    bapt 17 Jan 1855 [Youghal RC par records].
    See image from here.

  3. James Hurley,
    bapt 20 Apr 1857 [Youghal RC par records].
    See image from here and here.

Parents of James Hurley:

[Cusack] says that James Hurley below is 1st cousin of his wife Kathleen Crean, that his mother was a Kickham, sister of her mother Ellen Kickham.
Notes written on copy of [Cusack tree] name James Hurley's father as John Hurley (which is true) and his mother as "Mary Kickham".
We know James was born Co.Cork.

We have a John Hurley above of Co.Cork who apparently married "Nanno Kickham". They look like James' parents.

So we think the above is identical with:

John Hurley,
"Hurly" on son's mar cert,
his son was born Co.Cork in 1857,
(todo) try death of John Hurley, [GROI], Youghal, 1867, 3rd qr, age 60 (born 1807), vol 14 p 566,
(todo) try death of John Hurley, [GROI], Youghal, 1876, 2nd qr, age 55 (born 1821), vol 9 p 693,
he died pre-1882,
had issue:

  1. James Hurley,
    James Joseph Hurley,
    born 1857 [mar cert],
    born Co.Cork [census].
    He is Hurly in mar cert, but Hurley in other records.
    See entry in Hurley tree by Jean Pennington.
    Living Castlecomer, Co.Kilkenny, at mar.
    He mar 1882 to Kathleen Crean [Catherine, bapt 20 May 1856].
    Apparently 1st cousins.
    James was bank manager in Moate, Co.Westmeath.
    See them listed in 1901 census in Moategranoge townland (which includes most of Main St, Moate, see old map).

    Kathleen and James separate:
    They separated in 1901-1911. James left her for another woman and went to America.
    See her listed in 1911 census in Shamrock St, Broadstone area, N Dublin city (see map). This is a step down from being a bank manager's wife. Shamrock St in [Thom's, 1910] is 24 small houses with no occupants' names.
    In 1911 census, Kathleen writes she is 29 years married, and then crosses it out and writes "widow", but her husband was alive.
    Death cert 1929 says she lived recently at 432 North Circular Rd, Dublin. This is listed in [Thom's, 1929] as "tenement".
    She died 8 Sept 1929, in the Workhouse in Dublin South, age 73 yrs. See death cert from here. Her age is listed as only 57, but it says "bank manager's wife". It is her. From a bank manager's wife to the workhouse is some sad journey.
    Kathleen and James had issue.
    See issue in [Cusack].
    They are great-grandparents of:

    1. Jean Pennington,
      researching family tree.
      Her DNA matches with Eily Phelan, descendant of Crean of Fethard, and Kickham of Kilvemnon.
      The DNA match is probably through Crean of Fethard.
      Though it may be further weak evidence that Kickham of Kilvemnon are related to Kickham of Knockelly.

Kathleen Crean (bapt 1856).
Photo courtesy of Jean Pennington.
See larger and full size.


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