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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

James Kickham, of Knockelly Castle

James Kickham, Protestant,
of Knockelly Castle, nr Fethard, Co.Tipperary,
Protestant yeoman in 1798 (i.e. volunteer militia opposing the 1798 rebels),
[Heffernan, 1958] tells of story where Kickham "maltreated" one of the much disliked (by both sides) Hessian mercenaries (his allies), and got away with it, claiming he thought he was a rebel,
the Hessian mercenaries were German mercenaries imported by the English to help put down the rising, they had a reputation for brutality,
had issue:

  1. James Kickham, Protestant,
    of Knockelly,
    the Kickhams of Mullinahone were regular visitors to Knockelly Castle,
    mar c.early 1800 to Ellen Purcell [of Fortwilliam (unidentified), of Norman Irish Catholic family],
    had issue [children all Catholic]:

    1. (dau) Kickham,
      of Knockelly, born est c.1801,
      mar ---- Crean [neighbour at Knockelly] and had issue.

    2. (dau) Kickham, mar --- Hurley.

    3. (dau) Kickham, mar --- Green.

    4. Catherine Kickham,
      or Catharine, born 1808,
      mar Patrick Heffernan and had issue.
      She took over Knockelly Castle from her brothers.

    5. Michael Kickham,
      of Knockelly Castle,
      later of Ballinard (unidentified, a few possibilities),
      mar Biddy O'Brien [of Coolquill, Crohane par, Co.Tipperary],
      had issue:
      1. (dau) Kickham, mar --- Keating and had issue:
        1. Ciss Keating, no issue.
        2. Babs Keating, no issue.
        3. Tom Keating, no issue.

    6. Thomas Kickham, Tom,
      of Knockelly Castle,
      listed at Knockelly in Co.Tipperary voters 1838 and 1839,
      mar --- Sheehan [of Tansrath (unidentified)], no issue.

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