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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Fr. Paddy O'Mara

Fr.Paddy O'Mara, Apr 1906.
See full size and original.

Fr. Paddy O'Mara, S.J., Jesuit priest,
born 13th Mar 1875.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, left 1888.
He was educ Clongowes, Co.Kildare, school register says he was there 1888-92, NOT 1888-93.
He was in The O'Rahilly's class [Bourke, 1967].

Joins the Jesuits, 1893:
He joined Jesuits 1893.
Studied Germany 1893-96.
Taught at Xavier College, Melbourne, Australia 1896-1903. [Lavelle, 1961] describes him as "a Jesuit scholastic in Australia".
Studied at Milltown Park, Dublin, 1903-07.
He was ordained Aug 1907, Milltown Park, Dublin [Lavelle, 1961] by Archbishop William Joseph Walsh.
He worked on missions round Ireland 1907-16.
He is listed with address with Jesuits at Rathfarnham Castle in [Thom's, 1914] and [Thom's, 1917].

British Army chaplain in WWI:
In WWI he served as a British Army chaplain 1917-19. He served in France.
Served in 1918 in 58th Casualty Clearing Service, B.E.F., France.
During the final German offensive in France (Mar-July 1918) he was asked to bury many dead. The troops withdrew. Firing became heavy. His ambulance staff withdrew. He stayed alone to bury the many bodies, including several Portuguese. The Germans took the area soon after he left.
War ended Nov 1918.
For gallantry under German fire in burying the Portuguese dead, he was decorated by Portuguese government 1919 with the rank of Officer of the Military Order of Christ.
He served in 1919 in 33rd Casualty Clearing Service, B.E.F., France.

He worked on missions round Ireland after the war until 1927.
He is listed with Jesuits at Rathfarnham Castle in [Thom's, 1926].

Gardiner St church:
He settled in Dublin 1927.
He was a priest at St.Francis Xavier's church, Upper Gardiner St, Dublin, from think 1927 until death 1969.
He is listed at St.Francis Xavier's, Gardiner St, in [Thom's] 1929 on.
Though his old school Crescent College, Limerick says he was Rector at the Crescent in 1931-34.
He was known at St.Francis Xavier's as Fr. "Pom" O'Mara (after his initials P.O.M.).
He married his niece Eithne to Dick Humphreys 1929.
He conducted the popular "Public Holy Hour" at St.Francis Xavier's for many years.
Author of 4 booklets on the Holy Hour, which sold widely.
He was in charge of Children of Mary Sodality at Sion Hill convent (and school), Blackrock, and Children of Mary Sodality at St.Francis Xavier's.
Think he was also at Belvedere College.
He was at Nell's funeral 1939.

[Muffie de Courcy] told a story about him. At the end of mass he would always ask the people to "say a prayer for my mother" (his mother died 1910). Years later, attending a dying man, gave him last rites, asked him to "say a prayer for my mother". After he left, the dying man turned to his wife and said: "Gosh, I thought Fr. O'Mara was going to ask me to bring a parcel to his mother".

He traced the family tree, apparently left work with Jesuits. Unknown if this survives.
See article, think 1957 on his "Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee" (50th anniversary of ordination). Hence must be 1957, though the age they give for him implies 1959. They also say anniversary is July 26.
In 1967 he celebrated 75 years in the Jesuit order. See Irish Times, August 16, 1967, and August 17, 1967. This says he has been organising retreats in Gardiner St for 40 years, and his pamphlets have sold over 1 million copies.
He was the oldest Jesuit in Ireland at his death.
He died hospice, Harold's Cross, Dublin, 23rd Mar 1969, age 94 yrs [GROI].

Fr.Paddy and his sister Mary, 1895.
See larger and full size.

O'Mara family gathering on the occasion of Fr. Paddy's first mass, 28 July 1908.
Apparently rear of Hartstonge House.
See full size.
See similar shot.

Hartstonge House (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.
Photo above might be looking away from house towards outbuilding at the back.
Or maybe photo is not Hartstonge House.

(Left) Fr.Paddy O'Mara as a young priest.
(Right) Fr.Paddy O'Mara, Cashel House. "Stuck 1922" (i.e. stuck in album 1922).

4 of the 5 brothers.
Back: James, Joe.
Front: Phons, Fr.Paddy.

4 of the 5 brothers.
Back: Stephen, James.
Front: Fr.Paddy, Joe.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/927]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Fr.Paddy O'Mara, 1955, Killiney.
See full size and original.

Fr.Paddy O'Mara. From article, think 1957. See full size.

Fr.Paddy O'Mara, portrait, Sept 1958.

Fr.Paddy O'Mara.
See full size and original.

St.Francis Xavier's, Gardiner St, Dublin

St.Francis Xavier's, Gardiner St, Dublin.
Photo 2010.

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