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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Billie de Courcy

Kat, 1910. From this picture.

Billie de Courcy (see here),
William, born 28 July 1892.
In [Census, 1911] he is listed as visiting (apparently working for) his uncle Henry Glynn in Kilrush, Co.Clare. He is "assistant, milling business".
He is listed as merchant, living South Circular Rd, Limerick, at mar.
He mar 10 Jan 1917, St.Munchin's, Limerick [GROI] to Kat O'Mara [Kathleen, born 9th Sept 1889].
See notice in Irish Times, 20 Jan 1917.
They were mar by her brother Fr.Paddy.

Coolraine House, 1919-31:
As a present her father Stephen O'Mara gave them Coolraine House, Ennis Rd, Limerick. This was very extravagant. It was on about 60 acres, with its own gate lodge.
It was said to be a wedding present, but must have been in 1919.
See sale of Coolraine House by the executors of the late William O'Connell, Limerick Leader, March 5, 1919.
See also Limerick Leader, March 7, 1919.

Billie and Kat separated, post-1922, think pre-1929.
A statement dated 3 July 1926 in the Glynn family bible says: "I, William G. de Courcy, solemnly swear that during the next ten years that I will not take any intoxicating liquors of any kind whatsoever".
Item in Limerick Leader, July 20, 1929, lists "Mrs. de Courcy" at Coolraine House (apparently separated by this time).
Also item in Limerick Leader, September 7, 1929.
A statement dated 16 Sept 1929 in the Glynn family bible says: "I, William G. de Courcy do solemnly swear that during next 3 years I will not take intoxicating liquor of any kind whatsoever".
They sold Coolraine House 1931.
See sale of Coolraine House by the de Courcys, Limerick Leader, May 30, 1931.
See sale of Coolraine House by the de Courcys, Limerick Leader, June 6, 1931.
See sale of house contents, Limerick Leader, June 27, 1931.

At Harry's marriage 1942 his parents are described as of Stradbally, Castleconnell, Co.Limerick (see map).
Kat is described as of Kilkee, Co.Clare, at Joe's death 1950.
Billie lived 2 Billow View, Kilkee, Co.Clare.
He died Kilrush, Co.Clare, 1954, age 62 yrs.
(todo) See death of William Decourcey, Kilrush, [GROI], 3rd qr 1954, age 62, vol 4 p 153.
Kat is described as of Kilkee at Phons' death 1958.
Kat died in a home in Limerick, 8 Feb 1974, age 84 yrs [family bible], apparently NOT 1972.
Billie and Kat had issue:

  1. Harry de Courcy,
    William Henry Glynn de Courcy, born 16th Nov 1917, Limerick,
    "William" after father and grandfather,
    he is in photo of the employees of O'Mara's Limerick factory in 1939,
    listed as of Limerick at mar,
    mar 3 June 1942, RC church, Sandymount, Co.Dublin, to Joan Behan [dau of Mr. W.V. Behan of Herbert House, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin],
    (todo) see birth of Joan Marie Behan, [GROI], Dublin South, 4th qr 1920, vol 2 p 517,
    they were married by his uncle Fr. Paddy O'Mara,
    see announcement in Irish Independent, May 16, 1942,
    see report in Irish Independent, June 4, 1942,
    (todo) see mar of William H G De Courcy and Joan Marie Behan, [GROI], Dublin South, 2nd qr 1942, vol 2 p 491,
    he worked for Marcus O'Sullivan at farm in Rockville, Co.Roscommon, towards end of and just after WW2.

  2. Muffie de Courcy,
    Mary, Molly, Muffie, Muff,
    born 12th Dec 1918,
    (todo) see birth of Mary De Courcy, [GROI], 3rd qr 1919, Limerick, Volume: 5 Page: 273,
    called Muffie all her life, NOT Muffy,
    age 15, 1934, sent to Dublin,
    age 16, 1935, got job in National Bank, 34 College Green, Dublin, worked there all her life,
    didn't marry,
    retired from bank c.1977,
    lived for long time at 18 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2,
    lived in nursing home in later years,
    died Aclare Nursing Home, Tivoli Terrace South, Dun Laoghaire, Mon 22nd Aug 2005, age 86 yrs,
    see death notice in Irish Times, 24th August 2005,
    funeral Thur 25th Aug, bur Bohernabreena Cemetery, Tallaght, Co.Dublin.

  3. Alice de Courcy,
    would be after grandmother,
    mar Robert O'Dea and had issue:

    1. Anne O'Dea, mar Jim Coll and had issue:
      1. Jim Coll.
      2. Colette Coll.
      3. John Coll.
      4. Allison Coll.

    2. Tom O'Dea, mar Gillian ---- and had issue:
      1. Claire O'Dea, mar --- Imhofe and had issue:
        1. Emma Grace Imhofe.
        2. Ethan Thomas Imhofe.
      2. Simon O'Dea, mar Vanessa ---- and had issue:
        1. Olivia Alys O'Dea.

    3. Madeleine O'Dea, mar Joe Dunne and had issue:
      1. Michael Dunne.
      2. (2 sons) Dunne.
    4. Mary O'Dea, mar Henry Britton and had issue:
      1. Mairead Britton.
      2. John Britton.
      3. Philip Britton.

    5. Robert O'Dea,
      mar 1stly to Marie ---- and had issue:
      1. Kenneth Stephen O'Dea.
      mar 2ndly to Carol Follett.

    6. Stephen O'Dea, mar Angela ---- and had issue:
      1. Angela O'Dea.
      2. Robert O'Dea.
      3. Stephen O'Dea.

  4. Stephen de Courcy, born 1922, Limerick,
    (todo) see birth of "Stephen M DeCourcey", [GROI], Limerick, 1st qr 1922, vol 5 p 291,
    would be after grandfather,
    was in Irish Army in "The Emergency" (WW2 in Ireland),
    was attached to the Cavalry Corps at The Curragh,
    described as Lieutenant at his brother's mar 1942,
    emig to US/Canada,
    mar in US/Canada to --- [Russian],
    she was either atheist or Russian Orthodox, Stephen kept it a secret from his family, fearing the wrath of his uncle Fr.Paddy O'Mara,
    moved to Canada 1951,
    he was killed in a car crash, 1955, age 33 yrs,
    they were driving long distance at night, coming from Minnesota (on Canadian border, she had relations there), her driving, him asleep in back, lorry driver close behind, nodding off at wheel, she braked suddenly, lorry went into back of them, he was killed, she survived unscathed,
    see death notice in Sunday Independent, August 7, 1955,
    see death notice in Limerick Leader, August 8, 1955,
    see death notice in Irish Press, August 8, 1955,
    see report in Irish Independent, August 10, 1955, says he died in Toronto (nowhere near Minnesota),
    his widow remarried.

Kat O'Mara, Billie de Courcy, engagement photo, c.1915.

Harry de Courcy (back).
From photo of the employees of O'Mara's Limerick factory in 1939.
See larger and full size.

Coolraine House

Coolraine House, Ennis Rd, Limerick, on 1887 to 1913 map.

Kat and the 4 children at Coolraine House, 1927.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/911]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

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