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Drimnagh Castle, Drimnagh, Co.Dublin

On N side of Long Mile Rd, S end of Drimnagh (near Walkinstown, near Walkinstown House).

Drimnagh Castle.
Drawn by Gabriel Beranger. 18th century.
From Royal Irish Academy. Image from here. Creative Commons Non-Commercial use.
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Drimnagh was granted to Hugo de Berneval 1216.
Drimnagh Castle was built 1200s.
It was seat of de Berneval (later Barnewall) family.
It was inherited by Ulphram (Or Wolfram) de Berneval temp 1400.
Sold by his descendants 1607.

It was lived in by various families.
Cavanagh lived there in 19th century.
DRIMNAGH in [Lewis, 1837] says Drimnagh Castle is: "an irregular pile, occupied by Mr. E. Cavanagh".
"Mrs Cavanagh" is listed there in [Thom's, 1850] and [Thom's, 1852].
It was lived in by various families until 1954.
Christian Brothers school founded on the estate 1954, castle in grounds, fell into poor condition.
The castle was restored from 1986, and now survives in grounds of school, open to public.
It has a unique (for Ireland) moat, and 17th century formal garden.
See [O'Brien and Guinness, 1994].
For rivers see [Sweeney, 1991].

Drimnagh Castle on 1829 to 1842 map.

Drimnagh Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.

Drimnagh Castle in relation to Walkinstown House.
Map dated 1936.

Drimnagh Castle.
In the grounds of "Drimnagh Castle" school.
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From Google Maps.

Drimnagh Castle.
From [Cromwell, 1820].

Drimnagh Castle.
From [Cromwell, 1820].

Drimnagh Castle.
From [Ball, vol.4, 1906].

Drimnagh Castle.
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Drimnagh Castle.
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From South Dublin Libraries. Patrick Healy collection. See terms of use.


Short movie on Drimnagh Castle.
From Dublin City Public Libraries.

Drimnagh Castle.

Drimnagh Castle - Views

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