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Reginald de Berneval.
His brother Hugo de Berneval was granted Terenure, Kimmage and Drimnagh, Co.Dublin, by John in 1216.
He inherited these properties from his brother.
Drimnagh Castle was built in 1200s.
A castle was also built at Terenure.
He had issue:

Ulphram (Or Wolfram) de Berneval,
of Drimnagh Castle, Co.Dublin.
He mar Mary Molyneux [dau of Sir William Molyneux, Kt, of Molagh, Co.Meath].
They had issue:

Reginald de Berneval,
of Drimnagh Castle.
He mar --- Clifford [dau of Sir Conway Clifford, Kt].
They had issue:

Reginald de Berneval,
of Drimnagh Castle.
He died 1331.
He had issue:

Ulphram de Berneval,
of Drimnagh Castle.
He mar Sarah Berford [dau of --- Berford, of Moynet].
They had issue:

Reginald de Berneval,
of Drimnagh Castle.
He mar Jannetta Cusac [dau of --- Cusac of Killeen].
They had issue:

  1. Ulphram (Or Wolfram) de Berneval,
    of Drimnagh Castle.
    As at 1400 he held the Manor of "Ballythermot" (Ballyfermot), Co.Dublin.
    He or a close relation would be "Wolfram De Barneval" who built Ballyfermot Castle in mid 14th century.
    His descendants held Drimnagh until sold in 1607.

  2. Nicholas de Berneval,
    of Crickstown, Co.Meath.

Unidentified line

Nicholas Barnewall,
had issue:

  1. Margaret Barnewall.
    She mar Thomas Plunkett, 2nd Baron Louth [died 1571] and had issue.

Ballyfermot Castle

Ballyfermot Castle.
By Gabriel Beranger, 1766.
He labels it "Ballyfarnham Castle".
From NLI.

Ballyfermot Castle.
1779 print. From NLI.

Ballyfermot Castle.
From [Ball, vol.4, 1906].

Ballyfermot Castle on 1829 to 1842 map.
Lamphier lived there in early 19th century.
Ballyfermot Castle is said to have been destroyed by fire.

Site of Ballyfermot Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.
It is already gone at this point.
Today, Ballyfermot Castle and the 17th century Ballyfermot House have been wiped off the map.
The site is now in Le Fanu Park, to the N side of Raheen Park, Ballyfermot. See satellite view.



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