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Oak Park, near Tralee, Co.Kerry

Oak Park, Killeen, NE side of Tralee, Co.Kerry.

Killeen was granted to Major Rowland Bateman in 17th century.
Killeen House built 1697.
Killeen House (or Oak Park) was seat of Bateman.
Col. John Blennerhassett died here 1775.
Re-built by John Bateman in 1820 [Houses of Kerry].

Oak Park was purchased by Maurice Fitzgerald Sandes in 1852.
His brother Stephen Creagh Sandes managed the estate for him. Moved into Oak Park.
Maurice Fitzgerald Sandes finally moved to Oak Park 1857.
Stephen Creagh Sandes moved 1857 to nearby house, "Oakvilla" (also called "Oakville" or "Oak Ville", formerly called Annville).
Maurice Fitzgerald Sandes built a new house, Oak Park House, nearby, completed 1861.
He died 1879.

Oak Park inherited by Collis-Sandes.
The new Oak Park House survives. It is now called Collis-Sandes House.
The old Oak Park (Killeen House) is gone.
Oakvilla survives.

Oak Park on p.106 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

Location of big houses near Tralee, 1777.
From [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
Up is West. Oak Park is on N side of Tralee.
See full size. From Bill Jehan.

Oak Park appears in a farming tour of Co.Kerry in 1814.
From [Radcliff, 1814, pp.130-132].
See full size.

Oak Park and surrounds on 1829 to 1842 map.
Middle: Oak Park (Killeen House).
Bottom: Annville.

Oak Park and surrounds on 1887 to 1913 map.
Top: The new Oak Park.
Middle: The old Oak Park (Killeen House).
Bottom: Oakvilla (Annville).


The old 17th century Oak Park (Killeen House)


The old 17th century Oak Park (Killeen House) was where the modern building is on the LHS.
Photo 2011 from street view.

Surviving building (stables) at the site of the old Oak Park (Killeen House).
Photo 2011 from street view.


The new Oak Park (Collis-Sandes House)


The new Oak Park (Collis-Sandes House).
Photo 2011 from street view.


Oakvilla (Annville)


Oakvilla (Annville).
See larger and full size.
From [McMorran and O'Keeffe, 2005]. Picture credit Russell McMorran. Used with permission.

Oakvilla (Annville).
Photo 2009 from street view.

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