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Hewson of Dublin

Are Hewson of Dublin descended from Hewson of Co.Kerry?
Hewson of Dublin (the family of the rock star Bono) are said to be related to Hewson of Castle Hewson, Co.Limerick (who are related to Hewson of Co.Kerry) but there is no proof of this.
If they get a descent from Hewson of Co.Kerry, Bono might get a descent from Edward III.
[Anne-Marie Healy] had the following Robert Hewson, Bono's ancestor, identical with Rev. Robert Hewson, baptised 1813, died unmarried. But this is not the case. They are different people.

Marriage of Robert Hewson and Anne Duggan in 1837.

Robert Hewson,
born 1819.
He mar 30 October 1837 to Anne Duggan.
They mar at [St.Paul's CoI church, Dublin].
Anne's death cert says she died age 58 (born 1831) and burial record says age 60 (born 1829), but she must be a lot older.
Robert was an "iron moulder" [according to his wife's burial record] or "moulder" [his wife's death cert].
He was living Arbour Hill, Dublin, at death 1849 [burial record].
Robert dies, 1849:
His child died 15 June 1849. He died a few days later.
He died 21 June [burial record] or 22 June [grave] 1849, age 30 yrs.
He was bur Glasnevin. See burial record.
Despite the Protestant marriage, Anne is listed as Catholic in burial record.
Anne dies, 1889:
She was living 96 Manor St, Dublin, at death.
She died 24 Jan 1889, 96 Manor St. See death cert from here.
She was bur 26 Jan 1889, Glasnevin. See burial record.
Robert and Anne had issue:

  1. Robert Hewson,
    first Robert, born 1845.
    He died 15 June 1849, age 4 yrs.
    He was bur Glasnevin. See burial record.
    His mother Anne erected grave at Glasnevin in memory of her son and husband. Grave says her maiden name is Duggan.

  2. Robert Hewson,
    second Robert, born 1850, Dublin city, apparently after father's death.
    Living 16 Arbour Hill, Dublin, at mar 1870. Listed as son of Robert and Anne Hewson.
    He mar 9 January 1870 to Mary Ann Mulhall [born Dublin].
    They mar at [St.Michan's RC church, Dublin]. Catholic marriage. Children are Catholic.
    They are listed on Grangegorman Lane, Dublin, in 1901 census. He is Iron Founder.
    They are listed on Avondale Avenue, Dublin, in 1911 census. He is Iron Moulder.
    They had issue:

    1. Thomas Hewson,
      born 1872, Dublin city, Catholic.
      He mar 27 Jan 1895 to Mary Barry [born Co.Kildare].
      They mar at [RC Pro-Cathedral, Dublin]. See entry.
      They are listed on Grangegorman Lane, Dublin, in 1901 census. He is Clerk.
      They are listed on Church St, Dublin, in 1911 census. He is Commercial Clerk.
      They had issue:

      1. Robert Francis Hewson,
        born 1896.
        He mar Anastasia Keogh [born 1905].
        He died 21 Jan 1956.
        He was bur Plot VB48, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
        They had issue:

        1. Bob Hewson,
          Brendan Robert Hewson, Robert, Bobby,
          born November 13, 1925, Dublin, Catholic.
          (todo) See birth of Brendan Robert Hewson, [GROI], 4th qr 1925, Dublin North, vol 2 p 331.
          He grew up on Cowper St, off Oxmantown Road, Dublin (see map).
          He mar August 6, 1950 to Iris Rankin [Protestant, born 1926, lived Cowper St].
          She died 1974, age 48 yrs.
          He lived to see his son become a global star.
          He died 21 Aug 2001, age 75 yrs.
          They had issue:

          1. Bono,
            born Paul Hewson, 1960.
            Lead singer with U2.
            Venture capitalist and philanthropist.

Grave of Robert Hewson (died 1849) in Glasnevin.
See larger and full size.
From Mary Byrne.


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