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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents


Dr. Rowan Purdon,
doctor in Tralee,
had issue:

Rev. George Richard Purdon,
born 1812, eldest son.
He mar 1836 to Mary Blennerhassett [born 16 Nov 1811].
He died 1842.
Mary and sister Alice erected stained glass window to parents in 1855.
She died 1883.
They had issue:

  1. Rowan Purdon,
    born 8 Jan 1838.
    [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886] says this is a son.
    Bill Jehan thought this is a dau.
    Since the grandfather is Rowan, this must be a son.

  2. Major Rowland Purdon,
    born 26 Nov 1838 [same year as sibling],
    died unmarried, 25 May 1883.

  3. Letitia Purdon,
    Letitia Mary Anne Purdon.
    She mar 16 Aug 1864, Tralee, to Rev. John Collins [John Hurly Collins, born 1827, son of Barry Collins].
    See mar cert from here.
    He was Rector of Ballyheigue, Co.Kerry, 1865 until death 1878.
    He became Precentor of Ardfert in 1874.
    See [Ardfert and Aghadoe Clergy, p.25].
    He died at Ballyheigue, 31 Jan 1878.
    Letitia died in Rathgar, Dublin, 4 July 1926.
    They had issue:

    1. Barry George Collins,
      bapt at Tralee, 21 Aug 1865.
      He might be Barry Collins, age 37, born Co.Kerry, unmarried, who is listed in 1901 census as a boarder in a house in Cabra Park, Cabra, Dublin. He is a grocer's clerk.
      He might be Barry Collins, age 43, born Co.Kerry, unmarried, who is listed in 1911 census as a boarder in a house in S Circular Road, Rialto, Dublin.
      He died unmarried, 25 March 1936, Rathmines, Dublin.
      See death cert from here. Listed as "grocer".

    2. Mary Collins,
      Mary Blennerhassett Collins.
      She died unmarried, Dublin, 1947.
      See admin in England and Wales, National Probate Calendar, 1948.

    3. Letitia Collins,
      born 1875.
      She died unmarried, 22 Apr 1930, age 55 yrs, by suicide.
      Threw herself from window of 6 Fortfield Villas, Rathmines, Co.Dublin.
      See death cert from here.

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