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Rowland Blennerhassett, of Kells

Marriage of Rowland Blennerhassett, 14 May 1808 [Tralee CoI par records].

Rowland Blennerhassett,
born 26 Dec 1780,
of Kells, Co.Kerry,
and of Day Place, Tralee town.
He is one of the "lives" in [Deed, May 1795]. Says he is age about 14.
Lived Blennerville, Co.Kerry.
Rowland Blennerhassett the younger of Blennerville is party to [Deed, Nov 1803]. Deed is about property in Blennerville.
He is one of the "lives" in [Deed, Mar 1804]. Listed as of Blennerville.
He is listed as of Blennerville at mar.

He mar 14 May 1808 [Tralee CoI par records] to Letitia Hurly [born 1784-1788].
Marriage settlement in [Deed, 12 May 1808].
Living Blennerville 1810.
[Holden's Directory, 1811] lists "Rowland Blennerhassett junior, Blennerville".
He is party to [Deed, Aug 1815] with his father.
He witnessed [Deed, Feb 1816]. Listed as of Blennerville.

Listed at Tralee in [Deed, Apr 1821].
He witnessed [Deed, May 1822]. Listed as of Tralee.
Letitia was alive in Dec 1822 (last child).
Rowland is listed at Tralee in [Deed, May 1824].
He is party to [Deed, Mar 1825]. Listed as of Tralee.
He is party to [Deed, May 1826]. Listed at Tralee.
He is party to [Deed, 10 Mar 1827]. Listed as of Tralee. About house no. 6 Day Place, Tralee,
He is party to [Deed, 30 Mar 1827]. Listed as of Tralee.
He is listed at Tralee in Kerry Evening Post, 19 February 1831. He is "J.P."

Letitia dies, pre-1834:
She died before [Deed, June 1834].
Rowland is party to [Deed, June 1834]. Listed as of Tralee.
Listed as a Protestant voting for William Denny, of Strand St, Tralee in general election, Tralee, 1835.
Listed as of Tralee in [Deed, Aug 1835] and [Deed, 11 Apr 1836].

In 1837 he purchased lands at Kells, Co.Kerry, and built a house "Holly Mount", later called "Kells Lodge" and "Kells House".
Living Day Place, Tralee, at death of son, Sept 1840.
Listed at Tralee in [Deed, Apr 1844].
He is listed at 6 Day Place, Tralee, on p.321 of [Slater's Directory, 1846].
Listed at Day Place, Tralee, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851-1852].

Rowland dies, 1854:
He died at his residence, 6 Day Place, morning of Wed 12 Apr 1854, age 73 yrs.
See Kerry Evening Post, Wed 12 Apr 1854, [KCL] RR microfilm.
See notice in Freeman's Journal, 17 April 1854.
See notice in Saunders's News-Letter, 18 April 1854.
Will proved 1854. Will would be burnt in 1922.
Rowland and Letitia had issue:

  1. Millicent Agnes Blennerhassett,
    born at Blennerville, 15 Sept 1810, privately baptised.
    Named after grandmother.
    See transcript of notice in Ennis Chronicle, 26 Sept 1810. From here.
    "Melicent Agnes" in bapt record and [Deed, May 1824] and marriage.
    "Mellicent Agnes" in [Deed, Apr 1821].
    She was left a huge inheritance of £1000 by her grandfather Sir Rowland who died in March 1821 [Deed, Apr 1821].
    She is listed as of parish of Tralee at mar.
    Marriage settlement in [Deed, 11 Apr 1836].
    She mar morning of Tue 12 Apr 1836 [Tralee CoI par records] to John Collis and had issue.
    They were mar by her uncle Rev. Robert Conway Hurly.
    See item in Kerry Evening Post, Wed 13 Apr 1836.

  2. Mary Blennerhassett,
    born at Blennerville, 16 Nov 1811, privately baptised.
    She mar morning of Tue 19 Apr 1836 [one week after sister], in Tralee church,
    to Rev. George Richard Purdon [born 1812] and had issue.
    See mar entry from here.
    They were mar by her uncle Rev. Robert Conway Hurly.
    See Kerry Evening Post, Wed 20 Apr 1836, [KCL] RR microfilm.
    See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 23 April 1836.

  3. John Hurly Blennerhassett,
    eldest son, born at Blennerville, 1 Dec 1812, privately baptised.
    He is one of the "lives" in [Deed, Aug 1815].
    He is listed at Tralee in Kerry Evening Post, 19 February 1831.
    He is party to [Deed, June 1834] with his father. Listed as of Tralee.
    He is party to [Deed, Aug 1835] with his father.
    Listed at Tralee at mar.
    He mar 1844 to Annabella Yeilding.
    He must be John Hurly Blennerhassett, 3 Day Place, Tralee (beside father's house) listed in Slater's Directory 1846.
    He died 1847, Tralee.
    She died 1849.
    They had issue:

    1. Letitia Melicent Blennerhassett,
      died unmarried, 1909.

  4. Letitia Blennerhassett,
    born at Blennerville, 6 July 1814, privately baptised,
    would be named after mother,
    died Dec 1828, age 14 yrs, at her father's house, 6 Day Place, Tralee.
    See The Western Herald or Tralee and Killarney Advertiser, Mon 29 Dec 1828, [KCL] RR microfilm.
    See notice in Cork Constitution, 6 January 1829.

  5. Lucy Blennerhassett,
    born at Blennerville, 12 Jan 1816, privately baptised.
    Alive as at [Deed, May 1824].
    [Hickson's annotated par records, 1880] says she died unmarried.

  6. Alice Blennerhassett,
    born at Blennerville, 21 Aug 1817, privately baptised,
    mar Charles Chute,
    no issue.

  7. Richard Francis Blennerhassett,
    born 26 April 1820,
    bapt 29 April 1820 [Tralee CoI par records],
    of Kells, Co.Kerry.

  8. Rowland Blennerhassett,
    Rowland Conway Blennerhassett,
    born at Tralee, 14 Dec 1822, privately baptised.
    Mentioned in [Deed, May 1824].
    He died in an accident, Wed 30 Sept 1840, age 17 yrs.
    See item in Kerry Evening Post, 3 October 1840.
    He was buried in "the family vault at Droumavally" (Dromavally, Killorglin).

Baptism of Richard Francis Blennerhassett, 29 April 1820 [Tralee CoI par records].

The other children were privately baptised in 1810 to 1822.
Later, in 1825, their baptisms were written into Tralee CoI par records.
See full size.

Abstract of [Deed, Aug 1835].
From pp.32-33 of Abstract of the Deeds Inrolled in Chancery, 1834-1839.

Stained glass window date 1855 to Rowland Blennerhassett and Letitia Hurly.
St.John's church, Tralee.
Photo 2016. See full size.



Kells House, Co.Kerry

The Blennerhassett house, "Holly Mount" or "Hollymount Cottage".
Later called "Kells Lodge" or "Kells House". Now "Kells Bay House".
Cappamore townland (Kells townland is actually next door), on Kells Bay, Killinane par, between Cahirciveen and Killorglin, Co.Kerry,

Hollymount Cottage (later Kells House).
From 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern map.
See street view of entrance and garden.

Kells House.
2014 video from Kells Bay Gardens.


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