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Stanley Sutton

Stanley Sutton,
born 1848.
He was a professional musician.
Listed at marriage 1871 as "Professor of Music", age 23. Living 10 Deacon St, Liverpool.

Stanley mar 1stly, 1871, to Catharine Wabon [or Catherine, born 1854, Liverpool, dau of John Wabon, french polisher].
She was baptised in 1856 (age 15 at mar) but seems to have been born 1854 (age 17 at mar). Think she was age 17 at mar, and for some reason was baptised age 2.
(todo) See birth of Catharine Wabon, [GRO.UK], West Derby, 3rd qr 1854, vol 8b p 385.
She was bapt 14 July 1856, St. Peter's, Liverpool. See baptism (and copy).
See her family listed in Liverpool in 1861 census.
See her family listed in Liverpool in 1871 census. They are living 3 Richard St, Liverpool.
She is listed as age 17 at mar. She is living 3 Richard St.
They mar 17 July 1871, St. Peter's church, Everton, Liverpool. See mar cert.

They are listed in 1881 census at an illegible address in Everton. He is "Musician".
They are listed in 1891 census at 20 Goth St, Liverpool. He is "Musician".
Goth St was off West Derby Rd, at NW side of Sheil Park, W of Newsham Park. See 1909 map. Goth St is now gone (block re-developed). See modern map.

Catharine dies, 1898:
They were still living 20 Goth St at Catharine's death 1898.
Catharine died 1898, age 43-44 yrs.
(todo) See death of Catherine Sutton, [GRO.UK], West Derby, 2nd qr 1898, vol 8b p 415.
She was bur 12 June 1898, West Derby Cemetery, Liverpool. Section 6 grave 795. See burial entry from here.
Stanley had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Emma Sutton,
    born 1873, Liverpool.
    She is listed in 1911 census at 98 Saxon St, unmarried.

  2. Catharine Sutton,
    born 1874, Liverpool.
    At home in 1881 census. Not in 1891 census.

  3. Marion Sutton,
    born 1876, Liverpool.
    At home in 1881 census. Not in 1891 census.

  4. Stanley Sutton,
    born May 1880, Liverpool (age 11 months in census, 3 April 1881).
    At home in 1891 census.

  5. Margaret Sutton,
    born 1884, Liverpool.
    At home in 1891 census.

  6. William Sutton,
    born 1886 or 1888, Liverpool.
    He mar 1907 to Anna Emily Sheil [born 1885, Birkenhead, opposite Liverpool].
    (todo) See mar of William Sutton and Anna Emily Sheil, [GRO.UK], 2nd qr 1907, West Derby, vol 8b p 853.
    They are living in 1911 census with his sister Emma at 98 Saxon St. He is "Printer - Compositor".
    They had issue:

    1. William Stanley Sutton,
      born 1908, Liverpool.
      (todo) See birth of William Stanley Sutton, [GRO.UK], Liverpool, 2nd qr 1908, vol 8b p 110.

    2. Eveline Annie Sutton,
      born June 1910, Liverpool [age 10 months in census 2 Apr 1911].

  7. John Sutton,
    born 1890, Liverpool.

    1911 census (after Stanley's 2nd mar) says there were 7 children. 2 dead. 5 still living.
    This must refer to Stanley's 7 children by his 1st wife.
    Though his 2nd wife had children also from her 1st marriage.
    For descendants see Sutton trees on Ancestry.

Stanley mar 2ndly, 1899, to Lydia Harrison [Lydia Roberts Harrison, born 6 Nov 1856, Liverpool]. Apparently no issue.
Lydia was dau of Henry Harrison, "sail maker".
(todo) See birth of Lydia Roberts Harrison, [GRO.UK], 4th qr 1856, Liverpool, vol 8b p 134.
She was bapt 25 May 1857, St.Peter's, Liverpool. See baptism.
It was her 2nd marriage. She was previously married in 1878 to Thomas Jackson.
See 1878 mar cert of Lydia and Thomas. At mar he is "bootmaker", living Brunel St, Everton, Liverpool. She is living Whitefield Terrace, Everton.
Lydia and Thomas had issue born in 1880 to 1896.
See them listed in 1881 census at 2 Brunel St, Everton, Liverpool. Thomas is "boot and shoe manufacturer".
See them listed in 1891 census at 2 Brunel St. Thomas is "boot and shoe maker".
Thomas died 25 Dec 1896. Listed as bootmaker, of Brunel St. See probate.
He was bur Everton cemetery, Liverpool. See burial entry.
Lydia was age 42 at 2nd mar.
(todo) See marriage of Stanley Sutton and Lydia Jackson, [GRO.UK], West Derby, 3rd qr 1899, vol 8b p 1149.

Stanley and Lydia are listed (and p.2) in 1901 census at 20 Goth St, Liverpool. He is "Musician. Clarionet player in theatre orchestra". Jackson step-children with them.
The 1911 census is confusing. Stanley is listed in two places. Some of his Sutton children are in 98 Saxon St, Liverpool. See entry p.1 and p.2. He is listed there. He is a "Musician". His Jackson stepchildren and his 2nd wife are at 6 Lombard St, Liverpool. See entry. He is listed there also. He is a "Professional musician".

Stanley dies, 1922:
He was living 28 Westcott Rd, Anfield, Liverpool, at death.
He died 16 Mar 1922, 28 Westcott Rd, age 74 yrs.
(todo) See death of Stanley Sutton, [GRO.UK], West Derby, 1st qr 1922, Volume: 8b Page: 534.
He was bur 20 Mar 1922, with 1st wife Catharine, in West Derby Cemetery, Liverpool. He is listed as a "labourer", but burial entry shows it is him because it is Catharine's grave: Section 6 grave 795. See entry from here.

Lydia dies, 1939:
At death Lydia was living 58 Huyton House Rd, E suburbs of Liverpool.
She died 8 Jan 1939, 58 Huyton House Rd, age 82 yrs.
(todo) See death of Lydia Sutton, [GRO.UK], Prescot, 1st qr 1939, vol 8b p 889.
She was bur 11 Jan 1939, with her 1st husband, Everton cemetery. See burial entry from here. Entry says "formerly Jackson".

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