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Whitwell Butler, of Belville House

A portrait that came from Belville.
This must be Whitwell Butler.
Portrait by Richard Dighton, Edgar St, Worcester.
See full size. See other version.
Said to be dated 1830. Or possibly c.1820.

Whitwell Butler,
born post-1780.
He was an officer in the Royal Navy. Joined 23 Dec 1807.
Lived Belville House, Co.Kerry.
His older brother James lived at the other Butler house, Waterville House.
Whitwell is listed at Belville in [Leet's Directory, 1814]. It says "R.N." which suggests it is him rather than his father Whitwell. His father may never have been in the Royal Navy, but even if he was, he is long retired and moved to the Revenue.

"Whitwell Butler, of Bellville" is in a list of Kerry jurors in Tralee Mercury, July 27, 1831.
Whitwell Butler, of Bellville, is listed in Record Panel for Spring Assizes, in Kerry Evening Post, February 28, 1835.
He is in the List of Justices of the Peace, 1844. Says he presides at Cahirciveen petty sessions, and at Waterville petty sessions. Living Bellville.
"Whitwell Butler, Bellville" is in a list of Kerry jurors in Kerry Evening Post, July 23, 1845.
He retired from Navy with rank of Commander, 27 Oct 1845.
He is listed among the Magistrates of Co.Kerry in [Thom's, 1847, p.478]. Living "Bellville". From here.

Died unmarried, 1849:
His will dated 28 Mar 1849. His will mentions no wife or children.
He died Mar-Apr 1849.
His will is discussed in Waterford Evening News, April 13, 1849.
His will proved 21 Nov 1850. He is described as Whitwell Butler of Belleville, near Cahersiveen, Commander in the Royal Navy. It says he is a "bachelor without lawful issue". It says his brother James is the "only next of kin".


Whitwell Butler listed at Belville in [Leet's Directory, 1814].

Front of a book, William Blennerhassett, "tenants in account with Whitwell Butler" (the younger, agent for Blennerhassett), commencing 25 Mar 1839.
Book lists tenants in Belville/Portmagee area.
William Blennerhassett is unidentified. This could be Whitwell's 1st cousin William Blennerhassett of Blennerville.
See full size.


Whitwell junior apparently had natural sons

Whitwell's will and probate say he is unmarried, without lawful issue.
But it seems he had natural children.
He must be the following Capt. Whitwell Butler of Portmagee, Co.Kerry (Belville) who is the father of two children who went to Australia.


Capt. Whitwell Butler,
had relationship with Ellen Connell,
had issue:

  1. Pierce Butler,
    born 1823.
    Death cert says born Portmagee, Co.Kerry (would be Belville).
    See entry in tree by Belinda Williams.
    He went to Australia.
    See his death cert part 1 and part 2 in in 1875, which says he is son of Whitwell Butler and Ellen Connell. She is given a married name of "Ellen Butler" but that may be untrue.

  2. Theobald Butler,
    born 1830.
    Mar cert says born Co.Kerry.
    See entry in tree by Belinda Williams.
    He went to Australia.
    See his mar cert part 1 and part 2 in 1864, which says he is son of "William Butler" (must be error), "Captain", and Ellen Connell.



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