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Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow

George Cashel is listed in 1860 to 1867 as the Constable in charge of Bagenalstown police station, Bagenalstown (also called Muine Bheag), Dunleckny par, Co.Carlow.

George Cashel lived sometime in 1860-67 at plot 3, Bachelors Walk, Bagenalstown, renting a house (with no land) from William Ward.
He apparently moved to plot 2 next door.
He left Bachelors Walk (and probably left Bagenalstown) in 1867 when he retired from the police.

Bachelors Walk, Bagenalstown

George Cashel's house (LHS house of terrace), plot 3, Bachelors Walk, Bagenalstown.
The house beside it to the RHS is plot 2, where George Cashel also apparently lived.
In background is the impressive Bagenalstown Court House, now the town library.
Click to rotate.
From Google Street View.

Plots 1 to 4, Bachelors Walk, on 1873 map in [VO].
See full size.

Plot 3 (red cross) on 1887 to 1913 map.

Plot 3 (red cross) on modern map.

NAI VO records for Bachelors Walk, Bagenalstown

George Cashel lived sometime in 1860-67 at plot 3 (and then apparently plot 2), Bachelors Walk (formerly The New Road), Bagenalstown.

Plot number Occupier Lessor Description Land area Land value Buildings value Total value Notes

The columns in [Griffiths Valuation] and the Valuation Lists entries below.

[Griffiths Valuation, 1852] shows the plots.
There are three houses (plots 1, 2 and 3) in a row with no land.
Then plot 4 is land with no building.
See full size.

1857 Valuation Lists for Bagenalstown in [VO].
This is called The New Road.
See full size LHS and RHS.

1860 Valuation Lists for Bagenalstown in [VO].
This is now called Bachelors Walk. Plot 3 is vacant.
See full size LHS and RHS.

Valuation Lists for Bagenalstown in [VO]. Sometime in 1860-67.
George Cashel is living at plot 3, renting from William Ward.
See full size LHS and RHS.

1870 Valuation Lists for Bagenalstown in [VO].
George Cashel apparently moved from plot 3 to plot 2, and left in 1867.
George Cashel would probably have left Bagenalstown in 1867 when he retired.
See full size LHS and RHS.


The old Bagenalstown police station, Kilree St

It is unclear which police station Cashel was at - the old one or the new one.

The old Bagenalstown police station on 1829 to 1842 map.
This location is Kilree St (see modern map).

[Griffiths Valuation, 1852] has the police station at plot 1, Kilree St.

Dunne's shop (O'Duinn), the green house here on Kilree Street, is described in many places as the old police station.
It is at the right location.
See street view.

The new Bagenalstown police station, Barrett St

The new Bagenalstown police station on 1887 to 1913 map.
The station was on Barrett St. See 1901 census and 1911 census.

The Poplars, Barrett Street, appears to be the former RIC station.
See street view.
Article says it was built 1920, but this may be an error for 1820.
Its entry (CW388) in "Carlow County Council Record of Protected Structures" says it is early 19th century, but does not mention the police station.

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