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David Sheahan

David and Viola listed at 1003 N Bushnell Ave, Alhambra, Los Angeles.
From Alhambra City Directory, 1923.
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David Sheahan,
David Joseph Sheahan, born 3 Aug 1874, Mallow, Co.Cork.
Can't find him in 1901 census.
He went to America, and lost contact.
He was going off to gold fields. He said: "When I come back I'll be either rich or I'll be dead".
He wrote to his 1st cousin Kathleen Riordan, and said he was going to Alaska (where his uncle Edward Francis Cashel lived until 1909, and where cousins were). Family never heard from him again.

He mar 1922-23 (her age 44) to Viola M. Kohl [born 6 Aug 1878, Ohio, dau of Martin Kohl, of Germany]. Clearly no issue.
She is age 51 in Apr-May 1930 census and it says she married age 44 (i.e. 1922-23).
See her listed in Jan-Feb 1920 census living with her widowed father in Alhambra, Los Angeles, California. She is single, age 41. From here.

David and Viola lived at 1003 N Bushnell Ave, Alhambra, Los Angeles.
They are listed at 1003 N Bushnell Ave in Alhambra City Directory, 1923.
They are listed in 1930 US census at 1003 N Bushnell Ave, Alhambra. He works in photography for a library. Her father living with them. From here.
1930 census says he is born New York, parents from Connecticut. But it seems this is false and this is our David.
The entry in California Death Index confirms it is him. His mother is Cashel. He is born 3 Aug (though it says 1872).
Did he have some falling out with his parents that made him deny them on the census form?

They are listed at 1003 N Bushnell Ave in Alhambra City Directory, 1952.
He died 7 Dec 1953, Los Angeles, age 79 yrs.
He was bur Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum, Altadena, Los Angeles, California. See findagrave.
Viola died 30 Jan 1959, aged 80 yrs, Los Angeles.
She was bur Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum. See findagrave.

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