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David Sheahan

Agnes Cashel.
Photo in Limerick. See full size.

David Sheahan,
David Benjamin Sheahan, bapt 13 Feb 1846.
He is listed as shopkeeper (his father's business), living Buttevant, NC Co.Cork, at marriage 1870.
He mar 1870, Buttevant par, to Agnes Cashel [bapt 23 Apr 1842, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
Living Buttevant at son's birth and bapt 1871. He is "pawn-broker".

Master of Mallow workhouse:
He became Master of Mallow workhouse, 1 mile N of Mallow, Co.Cork. Family lived at Mallow workhouse. Master's quarters were in the centre of the main accommodation block.
He sp the baptism of Kathleen Cashel at Mallow in May 1872.
He is listed as Master of Mallow Workhouse, living Workhouse, at children's births and bapts 1872 to 1876.
Agnes sp the baptism of Annie Cashel 1874.

Master of Limerick workhouse:
He became Master of Limerick workhouse, Farranshonemore townland, Limerick city. Family lived at the workhouse. Children born at the workhouse.
Listed as Master of Limerick workhouse at children's births 1878 to 1884. Family living at the workhouse.
Listed as Master of Limerick workhouse in [Slater's Directory, 1881].
He is listed as Master, Limerick Union, in [Thom's] 1883 and 1884.
He is listed in [1885 Register of Electors] as living in master's rooms at Workhouse, Farranshonemore, Limerick.

He gave evidence in a controversy about the death of an elderly blind woman, Margaret Bourke, at the workhouse in Apr 1886. Her hands were tied by a nurse after she fell out of bed. She was found dead with her hands tied. Two nurses were arrested for cruelty.
See Limerick Chronicle, 6 May 1886 and (partial copy) 8 May 1886.

He was Master when Dr. David Humphrys (later Humphreys) was doctor at the workhouse. (His grand-niece would marry Dr.David's son in 1929.)
He is listed as Master, Limerick Union, in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-92] and [Guy's, 1893].

He retired pre-1901.
Daughter's death shows they lived 1 Barrington Street, Limerick, in 1901.
They are listed in 1901 census at Barrington St, Limerick (see map). He is retired Workhouse Master. They have 1 servant living with them.
They are listed in 1911 census at 31 Frederick St, Limerick (now O'Curry St, see map). He is retired Workhouse Master. They have 1 servant living with them.
He is listed at 31 Frederick St, Limerick, in [Guy's, 1912].
He is listed as "Retired Workhouse Master" at his wife's death.

Agnes died 17 May 1919, at family home, 31 Frederick St, Limerick [GROI], age 77 yrs.
She was bur 20 May at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick. Location: Lat. 115 Long. Yc.

David is listed as "Retired Union Master" at his death.
He died 24 Dec 1920, at his residence, 15 Barrington St, Limerick [GROI], age 74 yrs.
He was bur at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery with wife.
Despite having 10 children they had no grandchildren.
Their adult daughters stayed in contact with their 1st cousin Agnes Cashel and her family (O'Mara). Eithne O'Mara recalled the unmarried Sheahan daughters as ending up rather dependent on their Cashel / O'Mara relations.
David and Agnes had issue:

  1. Michael Thomas Sheahan,
    would be after grandfather,
    born 27 Feb 1871, Buttevant, see birth in [GROI],
    bapt 6 Mar 1871 [Buttevant RC par records], sp George Cashel and "Mrs. Sheehan".
    See bapt entry from here.
    He died of meningitis, 1 Mar 1880, age 9 yrs, at Limerick Work House, where his father was Master.
    See entry in [GROI].

  2. George William Sheahan,
    would be after grandfather,
    born 19 June 1872, Workhouse, Mallow.
    See birth cert from here. And other copy.
    He was bapt 22 June 1872 [Mallow RC par records], sp William Henry Cashel and Johanna Sheahan.
    See bapt entry from here.
    He died 22 July 1872, Workhouse, Mallow, age 1 month. See death cert from here.
    There is another George.

  3. Cis Sheahan,
    Mary Agnes, would be after grandmother Mary Kickham,
    born 13 July 1873, Workhouse, Mallow, Co.Cork (where her father was Master) [GROI],
    bapt 17 July 1873 [Mallow RC par records], sp Blennerhassett Cashel and Hannah Fahey.
    See bapt entry from here.
    Can't find her in 1901 census.
    Living with parents in 1911 census.
    She reported father's death 1920, living 15 Barrington St, Limerick.
    She was housekeeper, 39 Parnell Square (formerly Rutland Square), Dublin.
    She died unmarried, 36 Eccles St, Dublin, 16th July 1925, age 52 yrs [grave, Glasnevin].

  4. David Sheahan,
    would be after father,
    David Joseph Sheahan, born 3 Aug 1874, Workhouse, Mallow, Co.Cork (where his father was Master) [GROI],
    bapt 9 Aug 1874 [Mallow RC par records], sp William Cashel and Mary Sheehy.
    See bapt entry from here. Also here.

  5. Elizabeth Sheahan,
    Bessie, Bess, "Bee",
    after grandmother.
    She was born Elizabeth Mary Sheahan, 5 Oct 1875, Workhouse, Mallow, Co.Cork (where her father was Master) [GROI].
    Some sources have Elizabeth C. Sheahan.
    1911 census says born Limerick but that is wrong.
    She was bapt "Eliza Mary", 10 Oct 1875 [Mallow RC par records], sp Timothy Sheahan and Eliza Nagle. See bapt entry from here.
    Can't find her in 1901 census.
    In 1911 census she is visiting her 1st cousin Agnes O'Mara and her family in London. She is "saleswoman" in "millinery" business. Not married.
    She reported mother's death 1919, living 31 Frederick St, Limerick.
    She worked in England.
    After WW2 she came to her 1st cousin Agnes O'Mara's house in Killiney, Co.Dublin and stayed on.
    Richard Humphreys remembered "Cousin Bee" sewing in The Grove.
    She outlived her cousin Agnes, who died at Killiney in 1958.
    Bee was confined to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Rochestown Ave, Dun Laoghaire, at time of death.
    She died unmarried, 6 March 1960 [mass card] or 7 March [grave], age 84 yrs.
    She was bur with her cousin Agnes in Glasnevin.

  6. George Sheahan,
    second George, after grandfather,
    born George Edward Sheahan, 28 Nov 1876, Workhouse, Mallow, Co.Cork (where his father was Master) [GROI],
    bapt 3 Dec 1876 [Mallow RC par records], sp David Sheehy and Francis Cunningham.
    See bapt entry from here.
    At home in Limerick in 1901 census. Listed as "excise officer", unmarried.
    He went to England, lost contact with the family.

    He is "George Edward Sheahan", age 34, born Mallow, listed in 1911 UK census as a boarder at 17 Regent St, Lancaster, Lancashire (see map). He is single, "Customs Excise Clerk". From here.
    He must be George Edward Sheahan, clerk, Catholic, born 1876, who was admitted on 11 Jan 1923 to the Workhouse at Southwark, London. See entry from here.
    He is listed as an inmate in 1939 at the Little Sisters of the Poor home for the elderly, 77 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N London. He is single, born 28 Nov 1876, occupation "clerk". From 1939 England and Wales Register.
    (todo) See death of George E. Sheahan, 4th qr 1953, [GRO.UK] age 79 (born 1874), Manchester district, 10e 60.

  7. Joseph Sheahan,
    Joseph Patrick Sheahan, born 15 Mar 1878, Limerick workhouse (where his father was now Master).
    See birth in [GROI].
    He died of whooping cough and bronchitis, 12 Apr 1879, age 1 yr, at Limerick Work House, where his father was Master.
    See entry in [GROI].

  8. Joseph Sheahan,
    second Joseph,
    born "Joseph Zavier" Sheahan, 22 Nov 1880, Limerick workhouse,
    see birth in [GROI],
    bapt 23 Nov 1880 [St.Munchin's RC par records, Limerick city].
    He died pre-1911 (according to 1911 census).
    He is NOT Patrick Joseph Sheahan who died Limerick, 2nd qr 1881 [GROI].

  9. Agnes Sheahan,
    named after mother,
    Agnes Gertrude, "Ag", "Agg", "Aggie",
    born Agnes Mary Gertrude Sheahan, 11 Nov 1882, Limerick workhouse (where her father was Master) [GROI],
    bapt 16 Nov 1882 [St.Munchin's RC par records, Limerick city].
    Living with parents in 1901 census.
    She is "Agnes Mary Sheahan" who is listed in 1911 census at 42 Haddington Rd, Dublin. She is "visitor", occupation "Draper", age 28, single, born Limerick.
    She went to England. She worked in big London store, possibly Selfridges. Though John Lavelle thought Fortnum & Mason.
    She came back to Ireland when retired.
    Lived with the O'Mara's at Killiney.
    Richard Humphreys remembered her as great fun, raucous, tall, good for a laugh.
    She died unmarried, 8 May 1964, age 81 yrs.
    See mass card. And copy. She was bur Glasnevin.

    There is possibly some Sheahan connection with the von Trapp family. Possibly one of them went over as a governess.

  10. Kate M. Sheahan,
    born Catherine Mercy Sheahan, 20 Sept 1884, Limerick Work House [mother age 46],
    see entry in [GROI],
    bapt Catherine, 22 Sept 1884 [St.Munchin's RC church, Limerick city],
    living with parents at 1 Barrington Street, Limerick in [Census, 31 Mar 1901], age 16,
    she died at home, 1 Barrington Street, Limerick, 14 Apr 1901, age 16 yrs, of struma,
    see entry in [GROI].

Ag Sheahan.
Killiney, 1927.

Mallow workhouse

Mallow workhouse on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.


"Cousin Bee"

Elizabeth Sheahan (died 1960).
Called "Cousin Bee" by her cousins.
In later years she lived with her cousin Agnes Cashel and family.

Left to right: Agnes Cashel, Cousin Bee, Alice Cashel.
In the garden at Killiney, 1948.
See larger and full size.
See back.

Elizabeth Sheahan ("Bee").
From mass card.

Elizabeth Sheahan ("Bee") with Nuala Duggan.
See full size.

Elizabeth Sheahan ("Bee") on the grave of her cousin Agnes Cashel, Glasnevin.
Photo 2006. See full size and original.
Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

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