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William McSwiney, Brunswick St, Limerick.
Listed under Grocers (left) and Wine and Spirit merchants (right) in [Directory of Cork and Munster, 1867].

William McSwiney,
William Morgan McSwiney, born 1819.
He mar 6 Mar 1859 [St.Michael's RC church, Limerick city] to Helena Cussen [or Helen].
See mar entry from here.
He was grocer and wine merchant, George St, Limerick, as at son's birth 1865.
Listed in [Directory of Cork and Munster, 1867] as William McSwiney, Brunswick St (now Sarsfield St), Limerick city. He is listed under Grocers on p.382. He is listed under Wine and Spirit merchants on p.393.
He was grocer, Brunswick St, Limerick, as at son's birth 1868.
Helena died pre-1895.
William died 14 May 1895, St.Vincent View, 6 Mardyke Walk, Cork, age 76 yrs.
See death cert from here. He is widower, retired merchant.
See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 16 May 1895.
They had issue:

  1. Morgan McSwiney, twin,
    bapt 7 Apr 1860, St.Michael's RC church, Limerick city.

  2. Catherine Emilia McSwiney, twin,
    bapt 7 Apr 1860, St.Michael's RC church, Limerick city.
    See bapt of twins from here.

  3. Marion McSwiney,
    born 1865 [marriage, grave].
    Would NOT be born 1867 [admin of estate] or 1873 [death cert] since would not then say age 33 at mar. Must be born 1865 or earlier.
    Census says born Limerick city.
    Cannot find her in [GROI] (which started 1864).
    Cannot find bapt in St.Michael's RC church records.
    "Marion Clare" in census. Called "Aunt Mal" by step-relations.
    Both parents died.
    At mar she is living 18 Liberty St, Cork. This was her brother Edward's house.

    She mar 26 Oct 1898, Dublin, to Blennerhassett Cashel [bapt 18 June 1848] and had issue.
    His 2nd marriage. He was age 50 with children ranging from teenage to married.
    They mar at St.Augustine and John, Thomas St (near Christchurch), Dublin. See mar cert from here.
    Mar wit by William Morgan McSwiney (her brother).
    Both living in Cork but married in Dublin for some reason.

  4. William McSwiney,
    born 13 June 1865, George St, Limerick.
    See birth cert from here.
    He was bapt 18 June 1865, St.Michael's RC church, Limerick city. See bapt entry from here.
    He would be "William Morgan McSwiney" who wit his sister's mar 1898.

  5. Edward McSwiney,
    born 6 June 1868, Brunswick St, Limerick.
    See birth cert from here.
    "Michael Edward" on birth cert. But mar cert is "Edward" and 1901 census is signed "Edward Michael" and just "Edward".
    At mar 1899 he is living Liberty St, Cork. His sister's marriage 1898 shows this is 18 Liberty St.
    He mar 6 June 1899, Dublin, to Brigid O'Donnell [Delia].
    See mar cert from here.
    She is "Delia" in census. But this is the same person, not a 2nd marriage. Because 1911 census says they are married 11 ½ years.
    They are listed in 1901 census at 18 Liberty St, Cork. He is "apothecary", "student of medicine".
    His sister's marriage shows census no.18 is identical to street no.18.
    They are listed in 1911 census at 18 Liberty St. He is "Pharmaceutical Chemist". No children. Signed "Edward MacSwiney".

Baptism of William McSwiney, 18 June 1865.

Marion McSwiney and her grandson Jack McGrath.
17 Knockrea park, Douglas Rd, Cork.
Photo c.1938.
The house was called "Carna" after Carna in Connemara (see map) where they spent holidays.
See larger and full size.
See other shot and other shot.
See wider shot and wider shot.

Marion McSwiney.
Detail of above.

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