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Marion McSwiney

Marion McSwiney,
apparently bapt 1 May 1863.
Family lived in Limerick.
"William McSwiney" (her father or brother) was admitted a member of the Catholic Institute, Limerick in 1887.
Marion possibly got to know Blennerhassett Cashel before 1893, when he was in Limerick and active in the Catholic Institute, Limerick.
Blennerhassett moved to Cork 1893.
Marion's family moved to Cork by 1895.
Her father died in Cork in 1895.
Blennerhassett's wife died 1896.
At mar in 1898, Marion is living 18 Liberty St, Cork. This was her brother Edward's house.
She mar 26 Oct 1898, Dublin, to Blennerhassett Cashel [bapt 18 June 1848] and had issue.
His 2nd marriage. He was age 50 with children ranging from teenage to married.
They mar at St.Augustine and John, Thomas St (near Christchurch), Dublin. See mar cert from here.
Both living in Cork but married in Dublin for some reason.

Marion McSwiney.
On a card sent to her brother.
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Thought to be Marion McSwiney.
Note her eldest grandchild was born 1927.
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Courtesy of Mitrina Ryall.

Marion McSwiney and her daughter Helen and grandchildren Mary and Morna. Photo 1931.
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Thought to be Marion McSwiney with grandchildren.
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Courtesy of Mitrina Ryall.

Marion McSwiney and her grandson Jack McGrath.
17 Knockrea park, Douglas Rd, Cork.
Photo c.1938.
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Marion McSwiney.
Detail of above.

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