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Sir Reginald Craufurd, 4th Sheriff of Ayrshire

Extract from Blind Harry's 15th century account of William Wallace, The Wallace.
This portrays Wallace's uncle Sir Reginald Craufurd hearing about his nephew surviving a confrontation with English soldiers while fishing at the River Irvine (which is near Loudoun, not near Crosbie).
Note that The Wallace is regarded as generally inaccurate and not history.
Above is from p.36 of The history of the life, adventures, and heroic actions of the celebrated Sir William Wallace (1820).

Sir Reginald Craufurd, 4th Sheriff of Ayrshire,
of Loudoun, Ayrshire,
and of Crosbie, Ayrshire.
He mar Cecilia ----.
He was uncle of Scottish hero William Wallace.
He is supposed to have been a father figure to Wallace after Wallace's father died early.
Wallace is supposed to have stayed for a time at his uncle Sir Reginald's house, at Loudoun or Crosbie (or both).
Sir Reginald is portrayed in Blind Harry's 15th century account of William Wallace, The Wallace, as a loyal and supportive uncle to young Wallace.
The story is that he and other Scottish nobles were killed in 1297 by agents of Edward I in the "Barns of Ayr" incident, and it is this that motivated his nephew Wallace's rebellion in 1297. But the "Barns of Ayr" is generally regarded now as a legend.
He may be Sir Reginald Crawford who was executed in 1307, after Wallace's capture and execution.

Sir Reginald and Cecilia had issue:

  1. Reginald Craufurd, 5th Sheriff of Ayrshire,
    had issue:

    1. Susanna Craufurd.
      She mar 1318 to Duncan Campbell.
      This branch inherited Loudoun.
      Loudoun later became seat of the Earls of Loudoun.

  2. William Crawford, or Craufurd.
    A leader of his cousin William Wallace's rebellion, 1297-1298.
    He became his 2nd in command.

  3. Hugh Craufurd,
    of Crosbie,
    died 1319,
    had issue:

    1. Sir Reginald Craufurd, 1st Laird of Auchenames, born 1283.

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