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My wife's ancestors - Craufurd - Contents

Sir Reginald Craufurd, 1st Laird of Auchenames

Sir Reginald Craufurd, 1st Laird of Auchenames, born 1283,
fought at Bannockburn in 1314 with Robert the Bruce,
and for his services obtained in 1320 a grant of Auchenames Castle (near Johnstone, Renfrewshire),
died 1358, age 75 yrs,
had issue:

Reginald Craufurd, 2nd Laird of Auchenames,
had issue:

Thomas Craufurd, 3rd Laird of Auchenames,
mar --- Galbraith [dau of Malcolm Galbraith],
had issue:

Archibald Craufurd, 4th Laird of Auchenames,
mar Margaret Douglas [dau of Sir William Douglas of Peircetoun],
had issue:

Robert Craufurd, 5th Laird of Auchenames,
mar 2ndly to Marion Houstoun, of Houstoun,
killed in Battle of Flodden 1513,
had issue by 2nd wife:

James Craufurd, 6th Laird of Auchenames,
had issue:

Thomas Craufurd, 7th Laird of Auchenames,
mar Marion Montgomery of Hazlehead [descendant of Alexander Montgomerie, 1st Lord Montgomerie],
died 1541,
had issue:

  1. John Craufurd, 8th Laird of Auchenames,
    killed in Battle of Pinkie Cleugh 1547.

  2. William Craufurd, 9th Laird of Auchenames,
    mar Annabel Chalmers of Gadgirth,
    died 1582,
    had issue:

    1. James Craufurd,
      of Crosbie.
      He mar 1579 to Elizabeth Cunningham [descendant of Edward III].
      He died before his father (pre-1582).
      James and Elizabeth had issue:

      1. Jane Craufurd,
        heiress of Crosbie.
        She mar 1606 to Patrick Craufurd, 12th Laird of Auchenames and had issue.

  3. Patrick Craufurd, 10th Laird of Auchenames.

  4. Margaret Craufurd,
    mar Robert Huntar, 17th Laird of Hunterston and had issue.

Crosbie Castle, near West Kilbride, Ayrshire

Crosbie Castle, near West Kilbride, Ayrshire (near Hunterston).
This is now a ruin in a caravan park called "Crosbie Towers".
The castle was partly demolished in early 2007.
See satellite view.

Crosbie Castle.
Image from here and here.

Crosbie Castle.
Photo late 2007, after partial demolition.
See full size. From here.

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