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Sometimes spelt "Crawford".

Sir Reginald de Craufurd, 1st Sheriff of Ayrshire.
He mar Margaret Loudoun.
She was dau and heir of James de Loudoun, of Loudoun, Ayrshire.
Sir Reginald was made hereditary Sheriff of Ayrshire 1203.
Sir Reginald and Margaret had issue:

Hugh Craufurd, 2nd Sheriff of Ayrshire.
He inherited Loudoun, Ayrshire.
He was granted Crosbie, Ayrshire, in 1226.
It was claimed that it was his son (also Hugh) who was granted Crosbie after the Battle of Largs in 1263, but [Burkes Peerage] says it was granted earlier to the father in 1226.
He had issue:

Hugh Craufurd, 3rd Sheriff of Ayrshire,
of Loudoun, Ayrshire.
Leader in the Battle of Largs against Norway, 2 Oct 1263 (part of the Scottish-Norwegian War 1262-1266).
He died 1265.
He had issue:

  1. Sir Reginald Craufurd, 4th Sheriff of Ayrshire,
    of Loudoun and Crosbie.

  2. Margaret Crawford,
    or Craufurd.
    She mar Alan Wallace and had issue.
    Parents of William Wallace, hero of Scottish independence.

Loudoun Castle, Ayrshire

Loudoun, near Galston, Ayrshire.
See map. See street view of entrance.

The present Loudoun Castle is an early 19th century building on the site of the earlier Craufurd castle. It is thought to incorporate a 15th century keep.
The castle burnt down 1941 and is now a ruin.
The estate is now an amusement park called "Loudoun Castle".

Loudoun Castle.
Photo 1890. See full size.
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Loudoun Castle.
Photo 2007. See larger and full size.
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