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My ancestors - Ebrill - Contents

Brian Ebrill

Brian Ebrill.
Photo c.1945.

Brian Ebrill, born May 1911,
made out family tree,
mar Frankie Tormey and had issue:

  1. Vivienne Ebrill, mar Niall Caulwell
    and had issue:
    1. Graham Caulwell, mar Marion Lynch and had issue:
      1. Max Caulwell.
      2. Patrick Caulwell.
    2. Scott Caulwell, mar Emmanuelle Dubouloz and had issue:
      1. Tara Caulwell.
      2. Joyce Caulwell.
      3. Molly Caulwell.
    and had adopted issue:
    1. Leah Caulwell, mar John Vennart and had issue:
      1. Megan Vennart.
      2. Finlay Vennart.

  2. John Ebrill, had issue:

    1. Bowie Ebrill, mar Kristel Lynam and had issue:
      1. Woody Ebrill.
      2. Sonny Alexander Ebrill.

    2. Piandra Ebrill.
      DNA match to Donal Duggan and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys and Ralph Powell.
      She mar Tom Lewis and had issue:
      1. Neave Lewis.

  3. Susan Ebrill, mar Gerald Heffernan and had issue:
    1. Anna Heffernan.
    2. Georgia Heffernan.
    3. Thalia Heffernan.

  4. Eugene Ebrill, had issue:
    1. Tadgh Ebrill.
    2. Eabha Ebrill.

  5. Miriam Ebrill, had issue:
    1. Sean Alvain.
    2. Aoife Alvain.
    partner of Eric Chotin and had issue:
    1. Joshua Chotin.

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