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George Ebrill

Marriage of George Ebrill and Susan James.
(Left to Right): Elizabeth Ebrill, George Ebrill, Susan James, (unknown).
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George Ebrill,
bapt 20 Oct 1876.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1891-1892.
He was educ Clongowes.
His father (died 1892) left to George: He was educ UCD, BA.
He is listed in 1901 census in Church Hill, Naul Road (unidentified), Glasnevin, Co.Dublin. He is listed as "Student of Medicine, B.A., R.U.I.".
He became "Professor of Chemistry" at UCD. And later listed as "Professor of Physiology". Also described as "Professor of medical science".
"G. Ebrill, BA" is listed in Irish Independent, March 24, 1905, as one of the male graduates of UCD signing their support for full and equal status for female students at UCD.
Listed at Summerville Cottage in Deed of 25 July 1905.
He is listed as "Teacher", living 1 Serpentine Ave, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin, at mar.

He mar 26 July 1905 [her age 36, him age 28] to Susan James [Susan Mary, Sue, "Susanna Maria" on birth cert].
She was born 6 Mar 1869, Tullow St, Carlow, Co.Carlow [GROI], dau of Daniel James, RIC Head Constable, by his wife Anne Golden.
See entry for Susan and her widowed mother in 1901 census, living Tritonville Road, Sandymount, Dublin.
She was living 3 Prince of Wales Terrace, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin, at mar.
They mar at University Church, St.Stephen's Green, Dublin [GROI]. Double wedding with William.

George made a will on 26 July 1905 on the day of his marriage. (He may have made a later will.)
George and Susan were living 68 Frankfort Ave, Rathgar (see map) at son's birth and death 1906. He is "Professor of Chemistry".
They were living 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin, at children's births 1908-1913. He is listed as "Professor of Chemistry".
They are listed in 1911 census at 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin. House has 8 rooms. They live with 2 servants. He is listed as "B.A, R.U.I. Professor of Chemistry".
They lived Leeson Park, Dublin.

George and Susan separated:
They separated, est c.1916. He went to live in Limerick with his sisters.
He is listed at death as "Professor of Physiology", National University.
George dies, 1921:
He died 3 Sept 1921, family home, Summerville Cottage, Limerick, age 44 yrs, of cirrhosis of the liver [GROI].
He was bur Limerick.
(todo) See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, 6 Sept 1921.

Susan lived 23 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin.
She managed hotel, had lodgers. Children went to boarding school.
She moved to 58 Grosvenor Rd, Rathgar, listed there at her death.

Susan dies in car crash, 1930:
Susan was killed in a car crash in 1930, age 61 yrs.
On night of Thur 30 - Fri 31 Oct 1930, she was coming home from a bridge game at the Gresham Hotel.
She was with two other ladies in a car driven by Dr. William P. Murphy (NOT a taxi).
Shortly after midnight, their car crashed into a DUTC bus at Mount St Bridge.
The car was coming out of town along Lower Mount St, positioning to turn right into Warrington Place at Mount St Bridge (see map and street view), when it was hit by the bus coming towards it (the bus was heading into town). The car was thrown across the road, and burst into flames.
See Irish Independent, 31 Oct 1930, p.9 and p.16.
The bus driver and sole passenger were unhurt, but the four car occupants were injured, Susan the most severely. She was badly burnt.
She died of her injuries, Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, Dublin, 9 Nov 1930, age 61 yrs [GROI].
Funeral 11 Nov 1930. She was bur in Deansgrange Cemetery, Co.Dublin, with her parents.
An inquest was held which returned a verdict of "accidental death".
See Irish Independent, 10 Nov and 11 Nov and 22 Nov.
Probate of will granted 14 Aug 1931.

The 4 children were orphans, age 17 to 22. Various relations helped bring them up.
George and Susan had issue:

  1. (son) Ebrill.
    He was not given a name.
    He was born prematurely, 6 June 1906, family home, 68 Frankfort Ave, Rathgar [GROI].
    He died at same place, same day, age 2 hours, cause of death "premature birth" [GROI].

  2. Niall Ebrill,
    Niall Joseph Ebrill, born 24 Dec 1908, 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin [GROI].

  3. William Ebrill,
    William James Ebrill, Willie, born 14 Jan 1910, 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin [GROI].
    BE NUI 1931 [NUI, 1964].
    At marriage he is listed as an "engineer", of "Wasdale House, Terenure", or "86 Rathfarnham Rd, Terenure".
    He mar 14 Sept 1948 to Kitty O'Donovan [Catherine Mary O'Donovan, born 1914, NOT Donovan].
    She was dau of Denis O'Donovan, civil servant, of 11 Sunbury Gardens, Dartry.
    They mar at Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar, Dublin [GROI]. See Irish Independent, September 15, 1948.
    Lived 25 Wilfield Rd, Sandymount Ave, Ballsbridge, Dublin. There as at 1956-1957 [Ebrill papers]. Listed there in [Thom's, 1958, p.958].
    Lived 4 Richview Park, Milltown (NOT Richmond Ave South).
    William died 1975, age 65 yrs.
    Kitty died 1999, age 85 yrs, NOT 2001.
    They had issue:

    1. Liam Ebrill, mar Helene Giesecke and had adopted issue:
      1. Caroline Ebrill.
    2. Denis Ebrill, mar Susan Cooper and had issue:
      1. Joseph R. Ebrill.
      2. Fiona S. Ebrill.
      3. Katherine M. Ebrill.
      4. William T. Ebrill.

  4. Brian Ebrill,
    Brian Mary Ebrill, born 15 May 1911, 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin [GROI],
    though family said 17 May.

  5. Carmel Ebrill,
    Carmel Zelia Ebrill, born 17 July 1913 [mother age 44], 72 Waterloo Rd, Dublin [GROI].
    She didn't marry.
    Lived 5 Headford Grove, Co.Dublin.
    She died 1992, age 79 yrs.

George Ebrill and Susan James.
See larger and original.

(Left) George Ebrill.
(Right) Susan James.
From this picture, c.1916.

Susan James and her children, c.1919.
Children (Left to Right): Niall, Carmel, William, Brian.
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Susan James grave, Deansgrange Cemetery, Co.Dublin.

Grave of Susan James, Deans Grange cemetery, Dublin (bur with her parents).
See larger (and original).
See alternate scan (and original).

Detail of above.

The children of George and Susan

Back (Left to Right): Brian, (poss. Niall), Nell Walsh.
Front (Left to Right): Carmel, Elizabeth Ebrill, Rosaleen Ebrill. Thomas Ebrill.
Photo c.1930s, think at 58 Grosvenor Rd, Rathgar.
See larger and original.

William Ebrill.
See full size.
Image courtesy of John Ebrill.

Carmel Ebrill.
Photo c.1954.

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