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Elizabeth Ebrill

Elizabeth Ebrill. See full size.

Elizabeth Ebrill,
bapt 9th July 1870,
her father's will 1887 left his houses, nos. 1 and 2 Summerville Terrace (unidentified, must be near Laurel Hill), Limerick, to "my dau Lizzie" [NAI],
she is Elizabeth Ebrill, a teacher, single, born Limerick, who is listed in [Census, 1901] as a visitor to the house of Dr. John Michael Ambrose, Newcastle, Co.Limerick, age given as 24 (!),
didn't marry,
lived with her sister Mary and brother Frank in family home, Summerville Cottage, Limerick,
she is back in family home in 1911 census, listed as "Assistant Organizer Under Education Board",
listed at death as retired "Inspector of Schools",
died Summerville Cottage, 6 July 1955, age 84 or 85 yrs [GROI].

Elizabeth Ebrill.
From George's wedding.
See larger and full size.

Elizabeth Ebrill, c.1944.
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Elizabeth Ebrill, est c.1950.
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The other person in the larger picture is Genevieve McGilligan, wife of a relation on the Bowler side.

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