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Ebrill of Limerick city


Origin of Ebrill

The family tradition is that the Ebrills were of Huguenot origin (Protestants from France fleeing persecution).
Though it looks like John Ebrill raised his children Catholic (i.e. they were Catholic pre-1805).

William Ebrill (bapt 1869) thought they were Huguenot.
Brian Ebrill's family thought they were possibly from the Brittany region. Charles S. Ebrill thought the Lyon region.
Felicity Ebrill said the family name had originally been d'Avril, and that her father Charles Ebrill had Protestant cousins.


Our family

Our family starts with:


Close-up of Ebrill stained glass window, Redemptorists church, Limerick city.
It is obscured here, but it actually says "EBRILL", not "EBRIL".
Photo 2006. Light adjusted digitally. See full size and original.


Must be related



Miscellaneous Ebrill



Internet searches


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