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Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Kildare

Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Kildare (see here),
the "Wizard Earl",
born 28 Feb 1525, Maynooth Castle.
His father died 1534.
Maynooth Castle was taken by the Crown 1535 after his brother's rebellion.
He succ 1537 after his brother's execution.
He mar Mabel Browne [descendant of Edward III].
Lived Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare.
Maynooth Castle restored to him 1552.
Town house, Carbrie House, Skinners Row, Dublin.
He and his son-in-law the 5th Baron Delvin came under suspicion and they were imprisoned in Dublin Castle 1580-1582.
They were sent as prisoners to England 1582. Released.
He died 16 Nov 1585, age 60 yrs.
His will survived but was burnt in the PRO in 1922.
11th Earl and Mabel had issue:

  1. Mary Fitzgerald,
    or Marie, born 13 Sept 1556,
    mar Christopher Nugent, 5th Baron Delvin and had issue.

The will of the 11th Earl of Kildare survived but was burnt in the PRO in 1922.
From [Vicars' index of wills 1536-1810].

Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare

Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare.
See [Irish Country Houses].

Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare, on 1887 to 1913 map.

Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare.
Print of 1792.
From here.

Kilkea Castle, Co.Kildare.
Photo 2007. See full size.
From here.

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