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Portraits of Mary Fitzwilliam

Portraits of Mary Fitzwilliam (bapt 1707, died 1769).

Mary Fitzwilliam with her infant son the 10th Earl of Pembroke (born July 1734).
Portrait c.1736 by William Hoare. Wilton House.
From entry for William Hoare in [Dictionary of pastellists].
See caption.

Mary Fitzwilliam.
Portrait by William Hoare.
Hoare painted her and her husband the 9th Earl of Pembroke in 1738 or shortly after.
Hoare painted her brother the 6th Viscount Fitzwilliam and his wife c.1744.
From here.

Mary Fitzwilliam.
Portrait c.1748 by William Hoare. Wilton House.
From entry for William Hoare in [Dictionary of pastellists].
See caption.

Possible further William Hoare portrait

We see above multiple portraits of Mary Fitzwilliam by William Hoare.
There is another portrait by William Hoare that may be her, or may be her daughter-in-law Elizabeth Spencer.
William Hoare was active for so many years that it could be either.

Portrait of the Countess of Pembroke by William Hoare (active in England from about 1737 on, died 1792).
For sale in 2007 at Sotheby's.
From "Important British Paintings 1500-1850" auction, Sotheby's, 6 June 2007.
See larger and full size.
Sotheby's thinks it is Elizabeth Spencer (born 1737), wife of the 10th Earl of Pembroke.
However it may be an earlier portrait of Mary Fitzwilliam (bapt 1707), wife of the 9th Earl of Pembroke.

Extract from entry for William Hoare in [Dictionary of pastellists].
(The image always follows the entry.)
This shows two copies. It puts them both under William Hoare. It says the first copy has note "For Lord Pembroke at Whitehall" and is in a PC (private collection) and is identified as wife of 9th Earl. It notes that Sotheby's identified their copy as wife of 10th Earl.
Wikipedia thought this might be Kitty Hunter, but that must be wrong.

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