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Photos of Deirdre Flanagan

Photos of Deirdre Humphreys (née Flanagan) (1936 to 2024).

Deirdre Flanagan, age 14, Dublin horse show, Aug 1951.
Irish Times photo.
This photo was the centrepiece in the Irish Times window of photos at their offices in D'Olier St, Dublin, for about a month.

Deirdre (age 18) and her mother and family friend Sean Mac Eoin (Minister for Defence) and his wife Alice Cooney.
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From Evening Mail, Dublin, 26 Apr 1955.

Deirdre receiving BA, TCD, Oct 1959.

Deirdre (front LHS), June 1960 (the month she met Richard).

Deirdre Flanagan (on RHS).
Teaching in England, 1961-1962.

Deirdre in 1964.
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Deirdre Humphreys.

Deirdre Humphreys.

Deirdre in Apr 2021.
The Lodge, Mount Merrion House in background.
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