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Deirdre Flanagan


Deirdre Flanagan (on RHS).
Teaching in England, 1961-1962.

Deirdre Flanagan,
born 28 Oct 1936.
DNA match to many people. See below.
She was educ Loreto High School, Beaufort, Rathfarnham.

She was a showjumper:
A skilled horse rider, she took part in many showjumping competitions. She competed at the RDS.
She won a jumping competition at Millstreet Show, Millstreet, Co. Cork, on "Phil".
She took part in hunting on horses, for fun and competition. She won the Fingal hunter trials two years running, 1954 and 1955, representing South Co.Dublin Harriers. She jumped for them in Castletown (think Castletown House).

She was educ at finishing school in Switzerland: Villa Beata, International Finishing School for young ladies, Cardinal-Journet 2, 1752 Villars-sur-Glane, Fribourg, Switzerland. See 3D view and street view. She was there as at July 1955.
See postcard from her on way home, Aug 1955.
She was educ TCD, like her mother. Needed special dispensation to go there. One of very few Catholics there.
Her mother died Dec 1957.
BA (French and History) 1959. MA (awarded automatically).

She was a journalist:
She went to Soviet Russia after her finals, June-July 1959. (Russia then under Khrushchev.) Went to Moscow. She wrote article on trip for Hibernia magazine 1960.
Journalist for Evening Press as at 1960.

Met Richard in 1960:
She met Richard in June 1960, at Legion of Mary picnic. (She was involved. He wasn't, just had a friend going.) He had just left university, working for Aodogán O'Rahilly in Co.Cavan, living Kingswood. She had just left university, working Evening Press, living Glenade.
He noticed her straight away, but wasn't introduced. She and her friend wanted to leave, looking for lift. Someone said "Richard's going back". Asked would he take them. He was delighted to see who he was taking. Lift in to Mount St Bridge, left them there.
A few days later he sent message to her at Evening Press. The young editor Tim Pat Coogan sent note to her, 1 July 1960: "Dear Deirdre, I think you should be able to do a good job on the enclosed!"

They took a while to get together. She nearly decided to become a nun.
She became a teacher. Taught in England. Teacher at Greenway convent school, Tiverton, Devon, 1961-1962.
In 1963 she spent a year in Paris. Full-time worker for Legion of Mary.
Then taught in Ireland. Secondary school teacher, Sion Hill, Blackrock, Co.Dublin, from 1963 until end of school year, summer 1965.
She started going out with Richard c.1963.
He proposed to her in the library at Glenade, Oct 1964.

She mar 7 July 1965 to Richard Humphreys and had issue.
They mar at Booterstown church, Co.Dublin (near Glenade).
See mar cert from [GROI]. Lists intended new residence as "Beaufort House", Galway.
Ceremony conducted by Richard's relation Alfred O'Rahilly.
Her family was Free State. His family was mostly Republican. Guests included prominent Republicans and Free Staters, including General Sean Mac Eoin. Other guests included Frank Duff, and Fr. Paddy O'Mara, who had married Richard's parents.
See Photos of Deirdre Flanagan.

Video showing Fribourg, Switzerland, and at the end showing Villa Beata finishing school.
Deirdre was here in 1955.

Wedding of Deirdre Flanagan and Richard Humphreys, 1965.
See larger and full size.

Richard and Deirdre, wedding 1965.
Alfred O'Rahilly on right.
Dick Humphreys back left.
See larger and full size. See other copy.


DNA matches

Deirdre Flanagan is a DNA match with all of the following people.
So all of the following lines are now DNA proven:


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