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The Garden Lodge, The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham

The "Garden Lodge", in the formal gardens at The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
Also called the "Garden House".
Michael Flanagan lived for a time around 1867-1868 in the Garden Lodge.

The Garden Lodge, The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
Looking N.
Photo 2008 by William Murphy. See terms of use. See full size.
See 2000 shot.
See street view. See 3D view.


The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, was built starting in 1680, opened 1684.

Display at RHK says the "Garden Lodge" was built c.1734.
It is thought to be designed by Sir Edward Lovett Pearce (designer of the Irish Houses of Parliament, died 1733).
It is a pretty little turreted house at the end of the formal gardens to the N.
Go down the stone steps into the garden. Lodge at far end.
Two turrets, pointed roof. Spiral staircase in the E turret. Gate into small enclosed stone yard at back to the N.
Over the wall beyond it is St John's Rd, the dual carriageway running along past Heuston Station (the Garden Lodge is visible from the Dublin-Galway train).

Display at RHK says it was "probably designed as a small dining pavilion or banqueting house with a high coved ceiling on the first floor."
[O'Brien and Guinness, 1994] says it was "originally a garden banqueting house".

Michael Flanagan (later an Alderman) lived in the Garden Lodge for a time. He is there in 1867 and 1868.

Display at RHK says the Garden Lodge was probably originally a banqueting house and was "converted and extended in the late 19th century into a house for the head gardener."
So maybe in between it was rented out.

Like the rest of the Royal Hospital, the Garden Lodge fell into decay in the 20th century.
Liam Cosgrave called it "the steward's or gardener's house", "The ruin of this house can be seen from St. John's Rd".
As at 1985 it was a ruined shell.
The Garden Lodge was beautifully restored (from the outside) in 1991.
The interior awaits proper restoration.


The Garden Lodge (centre) in the formal gardens of The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
Photo from the SW (looking NE) 2000.

The garden, showing the Garden Lodge.
Photo 2007. See full size.
From here. See terms of use.
See 2023 photo with strange artwork in the pond. And wider shot.

The house in ruins in the 1980s, just before restoration.
From display at RHK.
See larger and full size.

The yard at the E side and back of the house.
See full size.

The back of the house.
From 3D view.

The back of the house, from St.John's Road.
Very visible in winter, when foliage is thin.
Click to rotate. From Feb 2022 street view.

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