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Middlemount House, Queen's Co. (Co.Laois).
Middlemount House is in Middlemount or Ballyvoghlaun, Coolkerry par.
There is also a Middlemount townland beside it, in Aghaboe par.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern satellite view.
See modern street view from the road to the S.

William Roe,
born 1807.
He mar Frances Phillips [born c.1819].
Lived Middlemount House, E of Rathdowney, Queen's Co. (Co.Laois).
He died 1864.
She died 1881.
They had issue:

  1. Frances Roe.
    Fanny, Fannie, born 21 Feb 1844,
    bapt 25 Feb 1844.
    Sale of lands in 1885 says she was born 20 Oct 1846 but this may be wrong.
    She was living Middlemount at mar.
    She mar 1872 to George Jackson and had issue.

  2. Elizabeth Roe,
    Eliza, Bessie.
    At marriage she is living Middlemount.
    She mar 1872 to Isaac Barton [born 1832].
    It was his 2nd mar. His 1st mar was to Charlotte Hoysted.
    He was a gentleman farmer, and mill owner, of Ballinfrase House (or Ballinphrase House), Erke par (SE of Rathdowney), Queen's Co. (Co.Laois).
    See them listed in 1901 census at Ballinfrase.
    He died 1903.
    See Elizabeth listed in 1911 census at Ballinfrase.
    She died 1931. Age is inaccurate.
    They had with other issue:

    1. Anna Barton,
      born 1876, Ballinfrase.

      She must be the same as:

      Anna Barton,
      Anna Elizabeth Barton,
      born 1879 [by 1901 census] or 1882 [by 1911 census].
      1911 census says born Dublin city but I suspect this is wrong.
      She went to England.
      She is listed in 1901 census as "Lady Help" at a house in Beckenham, Greater London. See entry from here.
      She mar 1905, London, to Edward Shortt [born 1878, Dublin].
      (todo) See mar of Edward Francis Shortt and Anna Elizabeth Barton, [GRO.UK], Westminster, 3rd qr 1905, vol 1a p.1241. Will have her father.
      He took her back to Ireland.
      Living 1907 on Finglas Rd, Dublin.
      See them listed in 1911 census on Finglas Rd, Dublin.
      She must be the Anna E. Shortt, married, who died 1917, age 30.
      Her family stayed in touch with her 1st cousin Muriel Jackson's family for years, into the next generation.
      He apparently died 1958.
      They had issue:

      1. Kathleen Shortt, born 1906.
        She lived 100 Beaufort St, Chelsea, London.

      2. Eamonn Shortt,
        Eamonn Barton Shortt,
        born Edward Barton Shortt, 1907, Finglas Rd, Dublin.
        He mar 1939, Mount Merrion, to Corro Ann Ogley.
        Lived Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin.
        Listed at 6 Butterfield Ave, Rathfarnham, in [Thom's] 1945 and 1953.
        Listed at 6 Old Orchard Terrace, Butterfield Ave, Rathfarnham, in [Thom's, 1962-63].

Middlemount or Ballyvoghlaun in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].
William Roe is in the big house, Middlemount House.


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