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Arthur Gibbon grave, West Norwood, London

Arthur Gibbon grave. West Norwood Cemetery (formerly "South Metropolitan Cemetery", also called "Lower Norwood" cemetery, opened 1837), near West Norwood station, West Norwood, SC London (see map).
The grave is grave 7494, square 60.
Location: Go in entrance, follow road round to RHS (to the S), up the hill, over half-way to end of graveyard. When the path forks (see street view) go right onto St. Mary-at-Hill Path. Grave is in to the RHS off the path, near the RHS (S) boundary wall.

Arthur Gibbon buried here 1861.
His name is also on the Gibbon memorial at Nigg Bay.
Elizabeth Montgomery buried here 1870.
Arthur Augustus Gibbon buried here 1907.
See envelope that once contained burial details (now missing).
See findagrave.

Location of Gibbon grave, West Norwood.
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From Google Maps.

Arthur Gibbon grave, West Norwood.
Photo from S side. See full size.
See positioning shots from N side: shot from further away (grave is beside obelisk to left of this picture)
and shot from further away (obelisk visible in background).
Photos 2007.

When grave is cleared we can see the cross that was on top which is now fallen down. See full size.
See close-up and close-up.
Photos 2007.

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