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Nellfield House, Aberdeen

Nellfield House and its grounds originally occupied most of the triangle now enclosed by Holburn St, Great Western Road (formerly Cuparston Place) and Nellfield Place, just SW of Aberdeen city centre. See map.

Alexander Martin is listed there in 18th century.
The unmarried Gibbon sisters (nieces of Alexander Martin) are listed there in [Aberdeen Directory] 1851-52 to 1860-61.
By the time the Gibbons lived there some of the grounds had been surrendered to form Nellfield Cemetery. See map of 1866-67.
The house was eventually demolished to expand Nellfield Cemetery.
Nellfield House was at the S side of the triangle (off Nellfield Place) and is now completely vanished under the cemetery. See satellite view.

Nellfield House, Cooperston, Aberdeen, on 1789 map of Aberdeen.
Shows "Mr. Martin" living there.

Nellfield House on 1828 map of Aberdeen.

Poem of Oct 1852 written by Ann Gibbon from "Nellfield House".

Nellfield House.
From map of 1866-67.

Close-up of above.

Location of Nellfield House.
It is now completely vanished under the cemetery.
From Google Maps.

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