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Capt. Robert Gibbon

Capt. Robert Gibbon.
Portrait perhaps c.1780.
Portrait must be pre-1801 (see ship's flag).
The ship was hidden under dirt. Uncovered when portrait cleaned.
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See other scan. See other shot and other shot.
See label at back and second label at back.

Capt. Robert Gibbon,
sea captain in the merchant navy,
born 23rd Aug 1738.
He is described as from Aberdeen at marriage.
It seems he went to Holland for trade (as did his wife's family).
He must be "Robbert Gibbon", born approx. 1741 at Aberdeen, who on 19 Nov 1768 became a citizen of the coastal town of Veere in Zeeland, SW Netherlands (see map).
Veere was from 1541 to 1799 the staple port for Scotland, in particular for the wool trade.

He mar 1769, at Scots Church, Rotterdam, Netherlands,
to Barbara Yeats [born 16th July 1749, descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
Barbara's father was a Scottish merchant in Rotterdam. Many Scottish merchants traded through Rotterdam at this time.

They lived Virginia St, Aberdeen.
There is a family bible, printed 1766, with a concordance of 1767, signed "Robert Gibbon and Barbara Yates", Virginia St, Aberdeen.
A grandfather clock survives in the family, from an Aberdeen clockmaker, dated 1760s.
Robert is described as "Shipmaster" at children's baptisms 1770 through 1780.
He is listed as "merchant" at dau's baptism 1789.

Barbara dies, 1791:
She died 13th Nov 1791, age 42 yrs. See death notice in Aberdeen Journal.
She was bur Nigg Bay.
Robert is described as "merchant" in his wife's death notice 1791.
He must be "R. Gibbon" who was owner of the Fortune (built 1795).
He is described as "merchant" of Aberdeen in son Arthur's marriage contract 1815, and grave at Nigg Bay.
He is described as "Ship-owner" in his burial record.

Robert dies, 1821:
He died 2 Aug 1821, age 82 yrs.
He was bur 7 Aug 1821 at Nigg Bay.
The family business was "Robert Gibbon and sons, merchants" at 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen. The business is still listed there with that name in [Aberdeen Directory, 1824-25] and [Aberdeen Directory, 1825-26].
11 Virginia St was also the family home. His unmarried daughters the "Misses Gibbon" are listed there in [Aberdeen Directory] 1824-25 to 1839-40.
Capt. Robert and Barbara had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Gibbon,
    born 5th Dec 1770,
    bapt 12th Dec [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    must be after her grandmother Elizabeth Leslie,
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

  2. William Gibbon of Viewfield,
    born 17th [family papers] or 31st [St.Paul's] Oct 1772,
    bapt 5th Nov [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    must be after his grandfather William Gibbon.

  3. Alexander Gibbon,
    born 1st Apr 1774,
    bapt 30th Apr [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    must be after his grandfather Alexander Yeats,
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

  4. Margaret Gibbon,
    born 6th [St.Paul's] or 7th [family tree] Feb 1776,
    bapt 11th Feb [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    must be after her grandmother Margaret Innes,
    mar 1799 to Dr. William Livingston.

  5. Robert Gibbon,
    born 4th June 1777 (NOT July),
    bapt 11th June [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

  6. Ann Gibbon,
    born 1 Nov 1778 [see her birthday], St.Paul's must be wrong to say 8 Nov 1778,
    she spelt her own name "Ann" rather than "Anne",
    bapt "Ann", 11 Nov 1778 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].
    See Her diary, 1818 to 1820.
    After their father's death in 1821, the unmarried daughters Ann and Elizabeth and Barbara lived together.
    The Gibbon sisters lived first at the family home, 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen.
    They were joined at some point in 1822-1841 by their widowed sister Margaret, whose husband died 1822 and who had no children.
    The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory] 1824-25 to 1839-40.
    The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at 54 Union Place, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory] 1840-41 to 1844-45. Union Place was the old name for the W end of Union St. See 1867 map and modern map.
    Ann and Elizabeth and Margaret are listed at Union Place in 1841 census.
    The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at Ellangowan cottage, Pitfoddels, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory] 1845-46 to 1850-51.
    The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at Nellfield House, Cooperston, Aberdeen in [Aberdeen Directory] 1851-52 to 1860-61.
    Nellfield was formerly the home of their uncle Alexander Martin.
    Ann died unmarried, 12th Mar 1856, age 77 yrs,
    bur Nigg Bay.

  7. Arthur Gibbon.
    He was born 7 July 1780.
    See birth record. (Note these are birth dates not bapt dates.) See [Family tree].
    He was bapt at St.Paul's, Aberdeen, 15 July 1780.

  8. Robert Gibbon,
    born 2 Dec 1781 (second Robert),
    bapt 11 Dec 1781 [St.Paul's, Aberdeen].

  9. Isabella Gibbon,
    born 13th [St.Paul's] or 16th [family tree] Nov 1783,
    bapt "Isabel" 18th Nov [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

  10. Elizabeth Gibbon,
    Eliza, born 5th June 1785 (second Elizabeth),
    bapt 12th June [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    living with sisters Ann and Margaret at Union Place, Aberdeen, in 1841 census,
    died unmarried, 15th Feb 1859, age 73 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.

  11. Jane Barbara Gibbon,
    born 17th Oct 1787,
    bapt "Jean" or "Barbara Jean", 29th Oct [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

  12. Barbara Gibbon,
    born 11th Mar 1789,
    bapt 20th Mar [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    "Miss Gibbon" is listed as living 85 Crown St, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1861-62 to 1878-79,
    living 1871 with her widowed sister Margaret Livingston at 85 Crown St,
    died unmarried, 28th Feb 1879, age 89 yrs, bur Nigg Bay.

  13. John Allison Gibbon,
    born 21st June 1790,
    bapt "John Alison" 24th June [St.Paul's, Aberdeen],
    died in infancy, bur Nigg Bay.

Barbara Yeats.
Portrait perhaps c.1790. (She died 1791.)
See larger and full size.

St.Paul's Episcopal chapel, Aberdeen (baptism place of Gibbon children).
From here in map of 1866-67.
Loch St to the W. St. Paul's St to the S. Gallowgate to the E.
Now demolished and built over. See modern map.

Birth of Arthur Gibbon, 7 July 1780.
See full size.


The ship in Capt. Robert Gibbon's portrait

The ship in the background of Capt. Robert Gibbon's portrait above.
See larger and full size.

Grave of Capt. Robert Gibbon

Grave of Capt. Robert Gibbon and family, St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay, Aberdeen.
See findagrave.

Wide shot showing location of Gibbon graves at NE corner of the churchyard, St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay.
Photo 1998. See larger and full size.

The grave of Capt. Robert Gibbon (bottom RHS).
Photo 1998. See larger and full size.
See other shot. See other shot.

85 Crown St, Aberdeen

85 Crown St is listed as the Gibbon family home in [Aberdeen Directory] 1861-62 to 1878-79.
The current building at 85 Crown St (on corner of St.John's Place) is not the old Gibbon family home.
The current building dates from 1908 and is a Masonic Hall or Masonic Temple.
It is about the largest building on the street. It has various Masonic insignia on the outside.
A number of Masonic lodges meet here, including: Lodge 1 - The Lodge of Aberdeen.
It is a listed building. See entry.

The old buildings at the corner of Crown St and St.John's Place, before the Masonic Hall was built.
From this section of 1866-67 map of Aberdeen.
The Masonic Hall was built 1908 at this corner on the site of the last two houses.
If the numbering has not changed, then the Gibbon home was one of these two houses (the N one).

The new building (the Masonic Hall) at 85 Crown St, Aberdeen.
Photo 1998. See larger and full size.
See other shot. See front. See detail from side. All photos 1998.
See Flickr photos.
See street view.

Christian Milne's poems

The Gibbon and Livingston families supported the efforts of the female poet Christian Milne (born 1773). Her poems were published in:
Simple Poems, on Simple Subjects (and search), Christian Milne, Aberdeen, 1805.


Extract from memoir of Christian Milne.
From p.184 of Sketches of obscure poets, Cochrane and MacCrone, 1833.

AI animations

AI animations of the Gibbon portraits.
Made using Deep Nostalgia at MyHeritage.
Uses AI technology from D-ID.

AI animation of the Capt. Robert Gibbon portrait.

AI animation of the Barbara Yeats portrait.


"What do I intend by writing this history of my feelings? Who is there that will care for this detail? While I live, no eye but my own will peruse it, and when I die in all probability my nieces may curl their hair with this honest index of my mind."
- Diary of Ann Gibbon, Sun 1st Nov 1818.

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