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Ann Gibbon

Ann Gibbon,
born 1 Nov 1778.
Lived in Aberdeen. Did not marry.
See Her diary, 1818 to 1820.

After their father's death in 1821, the unmarried daughters, Ann and her younger sisters Elizabeth and Barbara, lived together.
The Gibbon sisters lived first at the family home, 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen.
They were joined at some point in 1822-1841 by their widowed sister Margaret, whose husband died in 1822 and who had no children.

The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at 11 Virginia St, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] from 1824-25 to 1839-40.
She would be "A.G." who wrote a poem in June 1834 addressed to "Barbara" (must be her sister Barbara). The poem shows "A.G." is female. The poem laments her lost youth.

She has to be the author of an unsigned poem in Dec 1834 written from Virginia St, and addressed to her sister Margaret Livingston.
It seems there was a man who was courting "Katherine" (or "Kate", who lives at Virginia St, but is unidentified).
The author encouraged Kate: "Says I to her, "A man's a man! You better take one while you can.""
The poem relates the man's visits to Virginia St. Kate eventually goes off him and sends him away.
In the poem, Kate addresses one of the Gibbon sisters as "Miss G.". Suggests she is not a Gibbon, and maybe not a relation.

The Gibbon sisters moved to 54 Union Place, Aberdeen.
The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at 54 Union Place, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen directory, 1840-41]. And up to 1844-45.
Union Place was the old name for the W end of Union St. See 1867 map and modern map.
This was an older Gibbon house: John Gibbon, "clothier and haberdasher", was listed at 54 Union St back in [Aberdeen Directory, 1824-25]. And John and William Gibbon, "clothiers and haberdashers", are listed at 54 Union St in [Aberdeen Directory, 1829-30]. These Gibbons are unidentified.
Whoever John and William are, this is definitely Ann and her sisters: Ann and Elizabeth and Margaret are listed at Union Place in 1841 census.

The Gibbon sisters moved to Ellangowan cottage, Pitfoddels, Aberdeen.
The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at Ellangowan in [Aberdeen Directory] 1845-46 to 1850-51.
She would be "A.G." who wrote a poem in May 1849 addressed to her sister-in-law Elizabeth Montgomery. Written from Ellangowan.
She wrote a poem in Jan 1850 addressed to her nephew Arthur Augustus Gibbon. Written from Ellangowan. Poem is signed "A.G." but the cover letter shows "A.G." is Ann Gibbon. She mentions her sister Eliza. She says Aberdeen is under snow: "I do not know when we shall get rid of the snow, which we are all heartily tired of."

The Gibbon sisters moved to Nellfield House, Cooperston, Aberdeen.
Nellfield was formerly the home of their uncle Alexander Martin.
The "Misses Gibbon" are listed at Nellfield House in [Aberdeen Directory] 1851-52 to 1860-61.
Ann wrote a poem in Oct 1852 addressed to her nephew Arthur Augustus Gibbon. Written from "Nellfield House". Describes a dinner party they had at Nellfield. Sends Arthur a message to give to his parents.
Ann died unmarried, at Nellfield House, 12 Mar 1856, age 77 yrs.
Death notice in Aberdeen Press and Journal, Wed 19 March 1856, p.4.
She was bur at Nigg Bay, Aberdeen.


Cover letter of poem in Jan 1850 from Ann Gibbon to her nephew Arthur Augustus Gibbon.

Ann relates the events of a recent dinner party in poem of Oct 1852 and muses on getting old.


"What do I intend by writing this history of my feelings? Who is there that will care for this detail? While I live, no eye but my own will peruse it, and when I die in all probability my nieces may curl their hair with this honest index of my mind."
- Diary of Ann Gibbon, Sun 1 Nov 1818.

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