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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Gibbon papers

The Gibbon family inherited two boxes of family papers, deeds and other material.
Still in family ownership.

The main box, of loose papers, letters, etc., is now entirely photographed.
Mostly 1815 to 1882.
Thanks to Isobel Humphrys for photography.

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1796 to 1827



The 11th Earl of Pembroke died on 26 Oct 1827. He was uncle and guardian of Elizabeth Gibbon and her brother Rev. George Augustus Montgomery.


1829 to 1837


Poems of Ann Gibbon, 1834 to 1852



Rev. George Augustus Montgomery died on 1 Dec 1842.

1844 to 1850



Elizabeth Gibbon's mother Susan Maltass died in Paris on 12 July 1851. She left everything to Elizabeth's illegitimate half-brother.

1852 to 1855



The 11th Earl of Pembroke's widow Catherine Woronzow died on 27 Mar 1856.

1857 to 1869



Elizabeth Gibbon died on 1 Feb 1870.

1872 to 1907






Gibbon family papers.
List made out sometime after 1956.
All of these papers survive.
See full size.

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