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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Robert Gibbon

Robert Gibbon,
mar Isabel Paterson
and had issue:

  1. Alexander Gibbon, bapt 4th July 1752 [St.Fittick's, Nigg Bay],
    mar his 1st cousin Isobel Duncan [born 1752],
    bur 16th Aug 1810 in Aberdeen area, age 58 yrs,
    Isobel bur 24th Sept 1820 in Aberdeen area, age 68 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Robert Gibbon, bapt 24th June 1778 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    2. Alexander Gibbon, bapt 10th Aug 1779 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      shipmaster in Aberdeen,
      he must be "Alexander Gibbon, junior" of Aberdeen listed as a subscriber to Christian Milne's book of poems in 1805,
      mar 16th Mar 1809 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to his 1st cousin (and 2nd cousin) Ann Coutts [born 1782 or 1783],
      lost in the St.Lawrence River, Canada, 6th July 1811, age 31 yrs [grave, Nigg Bay],
      think she is "Mrs. Alexander Gibbon" listed at 12 Quay, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1824-25 to 1833-34,
      think she is "Mrs. Alexander Gibbon junior" listed at 11 Quay, Aberdeen, in [Aberdeen Directory] 1834-35 to 1839-40,
      she died 19th May 1847, age 64 yrs [grave] or 65 yrs [burial record], bur 24th May at Nigg Bay,
      had issue:

      1. Alexander Gibbon, bapt 5th Dec 1810 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
        mar --- Pirrie,
        erected parents' gravestone at Nigg Bay.

    3. George Gibbon.
    4. Charles Gibbon, bapt 5th Nov 1782 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    5. John Gibbon, bapt 22nd Nov 1784 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      he must be John Gibbon, Merchant, Trustee of the Aberdeen and Hull Shipping Company, who was co-owner think as at 1825 of the Bromby (built 1815) and the Fox (built 1819),
      bur 28th Aug 1846 in Aberdeen area, age 61 yrs.

    6. Ann Gibbon, bapt 22nd Nov 1784 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], must be twin with John.
    7. James Gibbon.
    8. Isabel Gibbon [Isabel Christian Gibbon], bapt 22nd Mar 1788 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    9. Arthur Gibbon, bapt 30th July 1790 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    10. Elizabeth Gibbon.

  2. Charles Gibbon, mar Margaret Mackie and had issue:

    1. Charles Gibbon, had issue [his children settled in New Machar, Aberdeenshire]:
      1. Andrew Gibbon.
      2. Charles Gibbon.
      3. William Gibbon.
      4. Brebner Gibbon.
      5. Isabel Gibbon.

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